Recent publications

Observation of geometric scaling of Efimov states in a Fermi-Bose Li-Cs mixture

Shih-Kuang Tung, Karina Jimenez-Garcia, Jacob Johansen, Colin V. Parker, Cheng Chin

arXiv:1402.5943 (2014)


Strong Interaction Effects in Superfluid Ising Quantum Phase Transition

Wei Zheng, Boyang Liu, Jiao Miao, Cheng Chin, Hui Zhai

arXiv:1402.4569 (2014)

Recent news

4/3/2014: Eric has officially accepted a position as Assistant Professor at Carleton College, a private liberal arts college ranked among the nation's best! As a postdoc, Eric worked in the Cs lab studying arbitrary optical potentials and thermoelectric transport properties of 2D bosonic systems. Congratulations, Eric! and good luck!


3/19/2014: Cheng gave a Zurich Physics colloquium talk at ETH.


3/6~5/31/2014: Cheng visited Tilman Esslinger's group at ETH as a visiting professor.


3/6/2014: Colin gave a talk on Imaging and manipulating effective ferromagnetism in a shaken optical lattice.


3/5/2014: Cheng gave an invited talk in APS March meeting. 


2/25/2014: Invited by Hanns Christoph Nagerl, Cheng gave an invited talk in the International Conference on Quantum Optics in Obergurgl.


2/24/2014: Shih-Kuang gave an invited QI/AMO seminar at UIUC titled "Evidence of Discrete Scaling Symmetry in Three-Body Collisions".


2/13/2014: Dr. Steven Chu, former Secretary of Energy, visited us and gave a physics colloquium talk on physics, biology and energy issues.


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