2010 talks

11/24/2010 GCIS 123 2:00pm Chen-Lung Hung Breakdown of the adiabatic limit in low-dimensional gapless systems


11/17/2010 GCIS 123 2:00pm Colin Parker Appearance of Fluctuating Stripes at the Onset of Pseudogap in the High-Tc Superconductor Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+x


11/10/2010 GCIS 123 2:00pm Harry Lichung Ha Speckle Imaging of Spin Fluctuations in a Strongly Interacting Fermi Gas


11/03/2010 GCIS B041 2:00pm Cheng Chin Laser cooling of a diatomic molecule


10/06 GCIS 223 2:00pm ShihKuang Tung Phonons, g1, and interference


03/10 GCIS 223 1:30pm Arjun Sharma Frequency Comparison of two High-Accuracy Al+ Optical Clocks, C.-W Chou et al. arXiv:0911.4527-v2[quant-ph]


03/03 GCIS 223 1:30pm Nathan Gemelke Confinement-induced Resonances in Lower and Mixed Dimensions


02/23 GCIS 223 1:30pm Markus Greiner Simulating Quantum Magnets of Trapped Ytterbium Atoms


02/03 GCIS 223 1:30pm Zhao-Yuan Ma Loadng Li-Cs Mixture into Dipole Trap


01/27 GCIS 223 1:30pm Tzu-Chieh Wei Quantum Entanglement: Manipulating it with Few Particles and Measuring it with Many


01/20 GCIS 223 1:30pm Peter Scherpelz Multi-Orbital Quantum Phase Diffusion, I. Bloch group; arXiv: 0911.5066


01/13 GCIS 223 1:30pm William Tremble Loading Radium from MOT to Dipole Trap


01/06 GCIS 223 1:30pm Kathy-Anne Soderberg Quantum Simulation