2011 talks

12/13/2011 GCIS 223 12:00am Jacob Johansen Quantum degenerate Bose-Fermi mixture of chemically different atomic species with widely tunable interactions


11/29/2011 GCIS 223 12:00am Harry Lichung Ha Twin Matter Waves for Interferometry Beyond the Classical Limit


11/15/2011 GCIS 223 12:00am Cheng Chin Toward AdS-CFT duality


11/01/2011 GCIS 223 12:00am Xibo Zhang Revealing the Superfuid Lambda Transition in the Universal Thermodynamics of a Unitary Fermi Gas


10/18/2011 GCIS 223 12:00am Shihkuang Tung 102ℏk Large Area Atom Interferometers


09/20/2011 GCIS 223 11:00am Colin Parker Summer research in ENS


08/23/2011 GCIS 223 11:00am Chen-Lung Hung Correlations and Pair Formation in a Repulsively Interacting Fermi Gas


08/16/2011 GCIS 223 11:00am Harry Lichung Ha Solitons in a Bose-Einstein condensate


07/26/2011 GCIS 223 11:00am Cheng Chin Observation of a pairing pseudogap in a 2D Fermi gas


07/12/2011 GCIS 223 11:00am Shihkuang Tung Laser cooling and trapping


05/24/2011 GCIS 223 11:00am Xibo Zhang Discussion on Quantum Criticality


05/10/2011 GCIS 223 11:00am Shihkuang Tung Dynamics and Thermodynamics of the Low-Temperature Strongly Interacting Bose Gas


04/26/2011 GCIS 223 11:00am Arjun Sharma Anomalous condensate fluctuations in strongly interacting superfluids


04/19/2011 GCIS 223 11:00am Chen-Lung Hung Universal Quantum Viscosity in a Unitary Fermi Gas


04/12/2011 GCIS 223 11:00am Harry Lichung Ha Spin–orbit-coupled Bose–Einstein condensates 


04/05/2011 GCIS 223 11:00am Cheng Chin Quantum Simulation of an Antiferromagnetic Spin Chain in an Optical Lattice


03/29/2011 GCIS 223 11:00am Xibo Zhang Recent progress done by Innsbruck group


03/23/2011 GCIS 223 2:00pm Shihkuang Tung Can a Bose gas be saturated? 


03/16/2011 GCIS 223 2:00pm Arjun Sharma Li-Cs Experiment: Current Status and Future Plans 


03/02/2011 GCIS 223 2:00pm Chen-Lung Hung Local atom number fluctuations in quantum gases at finite temperature 


02/16/2011 GCIS 223 2:00pm Harry Lichung Ha Probing the relaxation towards equilibrium in an isolated strongly correlated 1D Bose gas


02/09/2011 GCIS 223 2:00pm Cheng Chin Precision Measurement of Gravity with Cold Atoms in an Optical Lattice and Comparison with a Classical Gravimeter


01/26/2011 GCIS 223 2:00pm Xibo Zhang Universal Spin Transport in a Strongly Interacting Fermi Gas


01/19/2011 GCIS 223 2:00pm Shihkuang Tung Superflow in a toroidal Bose-Einstein condensate: an atom circuit with a tunable weak link


01/05/2011 GCIS 223 2:00pm Arjun Sharma A new Fermi liquid: the normal phase of a strongly interacting gas of cold atoms


Group Talk Turns:


Cheng Chin

Harry Lichung Ha

Jacob Johansen

Colin Parker

Shihkuang Tung

Xibo Zhang