2014 talks

12/11/2014 GCIS 223 10:30am Gustaf Downs Demonstration of a strong Rydberg blockade in three-atom systems with anisotropic interactions


12/04/2014 GCIS 223 1:00pm Logan Clark Repeated output coupling of ultracold Feshbach molecules from a Cs BEC


11/30/2014 GCIS 223 1:00pm Cheng Chin

1. Cooling a Single Atom in an Optical Tweezer to Its Quantum Ground State

2. Nondestructive imaging of an ultracold lattice gas


11/07/2014 GCIS 223 1:00pm Colin Parker Breakdown of Fermi liquid description for strongly interacting fermions


09/19/2014 GCIS 223 1:00pm Jacob Johansen Observation of coherent quench dynamics in a metallic many-body state of fermions


08/01/2014 GCIS 223 1:00pm Harry Lichung Ha Precision measurement of the Newtonian gravitational constant using cold atoms


07/25/2014 GCIS 223 2:00pm Gustaf Downs Two-particle quantum interference in tunnel-coupled optical tweezers


07/11/2014 GCIS 223 1:00pm Logan Clark Direct evidence for R-rotons having antiparallel momentum and velocity


06/27/2014 GCIS 223 1:00pm Lei Feng A Bright Solitonic Matter-Wave Interferometer


04/18/2014 GCIS 223 1:00pm Cheng Chin Roton-Type Mode Softening in a Quantum Gas with Cavity-Mediated Long-Range Interactions


02/14/2014 GCIS 223 1:00pm Colin Parker Observation of the Meissner effect with ultracold atoms in bosonic ladders


01/24/2014 GCIS 223 1:30pm Karina Jiménez García Bath-induced band decay of a Hubbard lattice gas


01/03/2014 GCIS 223 1:00pm Eric Hazlett Direct Observation of Fragmentation in a Disordered, Strongly Interacting Fermi Gas


Group Talk Turns:


Cheng Chin

Logan Clark

Gustaf Downs

Lei Feng

Harry Lichung Ha

Jacob Johansen

Colin Parker