2007 News

12/11/2007: Workshop on "Bose-Einstein Condensation and Quantized Vortices in Superfluidity and Superconductivity" Invited by Prof. Jiangbin Gong, I gave an invited talk at the Institute for Mathematical Sciences, National University of Singapore. During this trip, I also met my old colleague at Stanford, Keng-yeow Chuang , who is now a professor at the Physice department of NUS. (Cheng Chin)


12/6/2007: Seminar talk at the National Tsing-Hua University in Taiwan Invited by Prof. Ite-Yu, I gave a seminar talk on the "Enhanced sensitivity to the variation of fundamental constants in ultracold collisions of atoms and molecules near Feshbach resonances". (Cheng Chin)


11/19/2007~11/23/2007: Visit NIST at Gaithersburg I went to NIST and joined Paul Julienne, Eite Tiesinga, Rudolf Grimm to work on a review paper. (Cheng Chin) 


11/9/2007: Experiment Progress: Bose-Einstein condensation of cesium atoms, 3D images of BECs


11/3/2007: Midwest Cold Atom Workshop II at the University of Wisconsin, Madison Invited by Prof. Thad Walker, we (Chen-Lung, Xibo, Arjun, Scott, Kathy-Anne and Cheng) went to Madision to attain the workshop.


10/19/2007: Friday afternoon lecture for first year graduate students.


10/1/2007: Dr. Kathy-Anne Brickman joined our group Our new postdoc and the first MRSEC postdoc fellow joined us!! Kathy-Anne graduated from the University of Michigan and is an expert in cooling and trapping of atoms and ions and quantum computation. I am very glad we will be working together to start a brand new project.


9/30/2007~10/13/2007: Prof. Serge Haroche from College de France and ENS, Paris visited us. Prof. Serge Haroche gave a series of lectures, including


10/2: colloquium talk on "Counting Photons Without Detroying Them: An Ideal Measurement of Light"


10/3: undegraduate lecture on "Atom-photon interactions" 10/8: seminar talk on "Exploring the quantum dynamics of atoms and photons in cavities (I)"


10/9: seminar talk on "Exploring the quantum dynamics of atoms and photons in cavities (II)"


10/10: undergraduate lecture on "Manipulating atoms with lasers"


9/14/2007: Going-away party for Robert Berry


9/5/2007~9/8/2007: Packard Fellow Meeting in Monterey


8/19/2007~8/24/2007: Visit NIST at Gaithersburg I went to NIST and joined Paul Julienne, Eite Tiesinga, Rudolf Grimm to finish up our work on the review paper.


8/17/2007: Going away party for Emily Garza at Seven-Ten Bob, Ryan, Chen-Lung, Xibo and I joined the party and thanked Emily for her excellent works in our group.


8/6/2007~8/10/2007: Summer School On Experimental Cold Atomic and Molecular Physics I gave four talks in the summer school at the East China Normal University in Shanghai. I also visited Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, Peking University and Tsing Hua university. In Tsing Hua, I visited Prof. Chen Ning Yang (Ph.D. at U. of Chicago, 1948, Nobel Prize in 1957).


7/28/2007: Group dinnner at Buca di Beppo Vicky, Nate, Arjun, Scott's wife, Scott, Emily, Bob, Ryan, Chen-Lung, Xibo, Dennis and I had an Italian dinner in downtown to welcome new members in the group.


7/19/2007: http://www-news.uchicago.edu/citations/07/070719.chin-wired.html


7/9/2007: Mr. Scott Waitukaitis joined our group for summer research


7/1/2007: Mr. Arjun Sharma joined our group for summer research.


6/21/2007: International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy, Columbus A presentation on the recent progress in ultracold molecules is delievered in this meeting. I am happy to see and talk to Dr. Paul Julienne, Prof. Olivier Dulieu and Prof. Dave deMille.


6/11/2007: REU student: Emily Garza Ms. Emily joined our group to conduct a REU research project on the control of optical lattices.


6/7/2007: DAMOP, Calgary I gave two talks on "Enhanced sensitivity to fundamental constants in ultracold atoms and molecules near Feshbach resonances" and "Ultracold molecules: energy structure and scattering length".


6/4/2007: Going away party for Martin Jankowiak and Robert Berry We went to Seven-Ten at 7pm to have the party for Martin and Bob. Both Martin and Bob have contributed significantly to our project and we wish them have a bright career after they graduate from the University of Chicago.


4/23/2007: Dr. Jamie Kerman visited us I am more than extremely happy to see Jamie, whom I have worked with for many years. Jamie delivered a talk on "Superconducting NbN-nanowire single photon detector" in our MRSEC special seminar.


4/20/2007: Nathen Gemelke and Edina Sarajlic visited us I am extremely happy to see Nate and Edina, whom I have known for many years. Nate will join our group as a Grainger postdoc research fellow.


4/16/2007~4/18/2007: Visit NIST at Gaithersburg I went to NIST and joined Paul Julienne, Eite Tiesinga, Rudolf Grimm to finish up our work on the review paper.


4/13/2007: Visit Northwestern University Invited by Prof. Anupam Garg, I visited the Physics Deparment of Northwestern University and presented a colloquium talk on our cold atom research. I had a great time discussing some new ideas with Anupam, Dr. Jih-Chiang Tsai, Prof. Hui Cao, Prof. William Halperin, Prof. John Ketterson...


4/6/2007: Open House and lab tour In the open house, I introduced the experimental research programs at UC on atomic physics and hard condensed matter physics to prospective students. We also prepared two lab tours for students who are interested in ultracold atoms and molecules.


2/15/2007: UC press release on the Packard fellowship


1/22/2007: New paper We performed a precise measurement in Rudi's group at Innsbruck University on the collective excitation frequency and the damping rate in the BEC-BCS (Bose-Einstein condensate to Bardeen Cooper Schreiffer superfluid) crossover regime. Our result supports the quantum Monte Carlo calculation and is consistent with the prediction made by Lee and Yang some 50 years ago. In simple words, Lee and Yang's calculation suggests that an interacting Bose quantum gas should have a lower compressibility than people expected based on mean-field theory.


1/3/2007~1/9/2007: Visit NIST at Gaithersburg I am happy to see many people at Gaithersburg, including Paul Julienne, Eite Tiesinga, Carl Williams, Rudolf Grimm, Jabez McClelland, Bill Phillips, Chris Helmerson, Trey Proto, Charles Clark, Yuju Lin, Adam Black... I hope we will finish our project soon.