2011 News

12/30/2011: Cheng gave a Joint CQSE and CASTS Seminar at the National Taiwan University. 


12/23/2011: Invited by Ming-Shien Chang, Cheng gave a seminar talk at the IAMS, Academic Sinica in Taiwan.


12/22/2011: Invited by Daw-Wei Wang, Cheng gave a seminar talk in the Physics Department of the National Tsinghua University in Taiwan.


12/6~12/8/2011: Xibo, Shih-Kuang, Colin and Cheng attended the DARPA meeting in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Cheng presented our recent works on quantum criticality and quantum dynamics.


11/11/2011: Cheng gave a talk inthe American Physical Society Prairie section 2011 meeting organized by the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Iowa.


11/9/2011: Invited by Dr. Lode Pollet and Prof. Tilman Esslinger, Cheng gave a talk at the CECAM workshop: Modeling Materials With Cold Gases Through SImulations at ETH Zurhch (campus Hoenggerberg) in Switzerland.


11/5/2011: Xibo, Harry, Jacob, Colin, Shih-Kuang and Cheng attended the 2011 MidWestern Cold Atom Workshop in the Department of Physics and Astronomy of Northwestern University. Xibo gave an invited talk on quantum criticality. Harry, Jacob, Colin and Shih-Kuang prepared two posters.


10/28/2011: Invited by Prof. Besma Smida, Cheng gave a general talk in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the IEEE Women in Eigineering (Chicago Section) of the Purdue University (Calumet campus).


10/26/2011: Invited by Brian Odom, Cheng gave an atomic, molecular, and optical physics seminar talk at the Northwestern University.


10/20/2011: Farewell party for Chen-Hung. The party in Cedars was attended by Shih-Kung and his wife, Colin and his wife, Chen-Lung and his girlfriend, Xibo, Harry, Jacob, Cheng...


10/14/2011: Invited by Prof. Mark Saffman, Cheng gave an physics colloquium talk at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Video is here.


10/6/2011: Kate Schreiber and Francisco Fonta joined our group as an undergraduate research assistant.


10/3~10/14/2011: Sponsored by the France-Chicago Center under the FACCTS program, Prof. Christophe Salomon visited our group for 2 weeks and gave a physics colloquium talk, a computational seminar talk and a couple discussions with the UChicago undergrad and grad students. Prof. Salomon also visited Northwestern University and Argonne National Laboratory.


9/29/2011: Invited by Prof. Michael Romalis, Cheng gave a colloquium talk at the Princeton University.


9/27~9/28/2011: Xibo, Shih-Kuang, Colin and Cheng attended the MURI review meeting at MIT. Cheng presented our research progress.


9/15/2011: Invited by Prof. Giovanni Mondugno, Cheng gave a seminar talk in LENS, Florence, Italy.


9/10~9/14/2011: Invited by Prof. Tilman Esslinger, Cheng gave an invited talk at the Bose-Einstein Condensation 2011 Frontiers in Quantum Gases in San Feliu, Spain.


9/3~9/7/2011: Invited by Prof. Peter Kruger, Cheng gave a talk at the 2011 Conference on the UK Network for Research at the Interface between Cold Atoms and Condensed Matter Physics at the University of Nottingham in UK.


9/2~11/4/2011: Dr. Christian Trefzger from ENS, Paris visited us as a visiting scholar. His visit is sponsored by the France-Chicago center under the FACCTS program.


9/2/2011: Invited by Seunghun Lee, Cheng gave a colloquium talk at the University of Virginia.


8/30/2011: Xiaoli Song from Northwestern Univeristy gave a seminar talk about her graduate and postdoc research.


8/29/2011: Colin Parker came back from ENS, Paris and stated his postdoc research here.


8/26/2011: Chen-Lung attended the commencement and got his diploma. Congratulations, Dr. Hung.


8/18/2011: Farewell party for Yijun and Alejandro in a nice Thai restaurant. Yijun, Alejandro, Chen-Lung, Xibo, Harry, Shih-Kuang, Jing and his family, Cheng joined the party.


8/12/2011: Invited by Prof. Wumin Liu, Cheng gave a plenary talk at the 26th International conference on low temperature physics in Beijing, China.


8/11/2011: Invited by Prof. Lumin Duan, Cheng gave a seminar talk at the Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences, Tsinghua University, China


8/3/2011:  Invited by Prof. C.-P. Yuan, Cheng gave a plenary talk at the 7th Joint Meeting of Chinese Physicists Worldwide International Conference on Physice Education and Frontier Physics.


7/26/2011: Chen-Lung defended his PhD dissertation!


7/21~7/25/2011: We organized the 2011 S.M.A.R.T. educational outreach program sponsored by NSF and Chicago MRSEC.


7/5/2011: Chen-Lung visited Prof. Jeff Kimble's group at Caltech and gave a seminar talk about our research.


7/1/2011: Yijun successfully levitated water droplets with radiation force. See video here.


6/26~6/30/2011: Invited by Prof. Debroah Jin, Cheng presented our recent research result in an invited talk at the Gordon Research Conference on Atomic Physics in West Dover, VT on 6/29.


6/22~6/23/2011: Cheng and Xibo attended the DARPA review meeting. Cheng presented our recent research result.


6/20/2011: Chen-Lung visited Prof. Vladan Vuletic's group at MIT and gave a seminar talk.


6/14~8/18/2011: Alejandro Virrueta and Diandian Chen joined our group as REU summer students working on LiCs and graphene experiment, respectively.


6/13~6/18/2011: Chen-Lung, Shih-Kuang, Xibo, Harry, Colin and Cheng attended the DAMOP meeting. Cheng received the I.I. Rabi Prize and gave an invited talk. Xibo gave a contributed talk. Chen-Lung gave an invited talk. We also prepared 2 posters on our recent result.


6/9~8/29/2011: Jing Zhang visited our group as a visiting professor for 3 months.


6/5~6/10/2011: Cheng co-organized and attended an Aspen workshop on Few- & Many-Body Physics in Cold Quantum Gases Near Resonances and gave a colloquium talk on 6/7.


5/30/2011: Yijun started his summer research project in our group on levitating water droplets.


5/26/2011: Chen-Lung visited Prof. Benjamin Lev's group at UIUC. 


5/9/2011: Chen-Lung gave a presentation at the sixteen annual James Franck institute symposium and Celebration.


5/18~5/20/2011: Cheng attend the INT Ultra-Cold Atom Symposium and gave a talk on on 6/19.


5/3/2011: We organized a lab tour for students in the Phys 471 class to see the Bose-Einstein condensation of cold atoms.


4/23/2011: Lab excursion! We had the brunch at a downtown restaurent celebrating recent publications and Shih-Kuang's birthday. It's hard to imaging the weather could be so nice after several gloomy rainy days. We then went to The Art Institude together.

Lab ecursion!


4/15/2011: Cheng attended the American Physical Society 2011 Convocation meeting.


4/11/2011: Our paper "Exploring quantum criticality based on ultracold atoms in optical lattices" is now published in the focus issue of New Journal of Physics. See here.


4/8/2011: We organized lab tours and posters for the perspective graduate student at the open house.


2/25/2011: UChicago News on Cheng receiving the 2011 I.I. Rabi Prize.


2/25/2011: Ray came back visit us and had a dinner with Xibo, Chen-Lung and Cheng.


2/23/2011: We had a joint group meeting with Zheng-Tian Lu's group from Argonne National Laboratory.


2/17/2011: Invited by Prof. Nathan Gemelke, Cheng gave a colloquium talk at the Penn State University.


2/7/2011: Invited by Prof. Boris Blinov, Cheng gave a colloquium talk at the Univ. of Washington.


2/4/2011: Invited by Prof. Robin Cote, Cheng gave a colloquium talk at the Univ. of Connecticut.


1/26/2011: Our paper "Observation of scale invariance and universality in two-dimensional Bose gases" has been published online at Nature. Here is the coverage from Univ. of Chicago news release.


1/10~1/22/2011: Cheng attended the NSF panel meeting


1/1/2011: New Year Party!! Chen-Lung, his friend, Xibo, Arjun, Harry, Shih-Kung, his wife, and Cheng had a potluck+dumpling-wrapping+movie party in Cheng's flat.