2012 News

12/14/2012: Invited by Dr. Ying-Jer Kao, Cheng gave a Joint CQSE and CASTS Senminar talk at National Taiwan University in Taiwan.


12/10/2012: Invited by Dr. Ting-Kuo Lee, Cheng gave a seminar talk at the Institue of Physics, Academic Sinica in Taiwan.


12/3/2012: Karina Jimenez-Garcia visited us and gave a talk in our group meeting. We had a dinner with her, her boyfriend, Jacob, Harry, Colin, Shih-Kuang, Logan, Ulrich, and Cheng in Pizza Capri.


11/26~28/2012: Harry, Colin, Eric and Cheng went to DARPA review meeting in Miami. Cheng reported our exp progress.


11/16/2012: Colin presented our research in the Friday lecture.


11/8~10: Shih-Kuang, Harry and Cheng attended the APS Prairie unit annual meeting (Cheng is the chair). Harry and Shih-Kaung presented our recent works.


11/07/2012: Cheng attended the DARPA meeting on material design based on cold atoms.


11/03/2012: Harry, Jacob, Logan, Eric, Colin, Shih-Kuang and Cheng attended the MCAW meeting at UIUC. Shih-Kuang reported our recent exp progress.


10/24~26: Jacob, Shih-Kuang, Colin and Cheng attended the MURI review meeting at MIT. Cheng reported our progress.


10/18/2012: Cheng gave a Physics colloquium talk here.


09/22/2012: We had a group party at Barba Yianni to welcome Eric, Logan and Chris. It's also a farwell party for Andy.


09/27/2012: Invited by Melo, Carlos, Cheng gave a Hard CM and AMO physics seminar talk at the Georgia institute of Technology.


09/5~14/2012: Cheng gave a talk in the Packard meeting in Monterey and, invited by C. Salomon, gave 2 lectures and a seminar talk in ENS, Paris.


7/12~7/19/2012: Cheng gave three lectures at the Trieste Summer School on Quantum Many-Body Physics of Ultra-Cold Atoms and Molecules on 7/12 and 13, a talk in the Grimm group at Innsbruck University on 7/16, and a talk in the Workshop on Quantum Simulations with Ultracold Atoms in Trieste.


7/8/2012: Group BBQ at the Promontory Point! From left to right, Harry, Andy, Kate, Dylan, Xibo, Francisco, Cheng, Colin, Audrey, Shih-Kuang, Claire, and Ulrich.


7/7~7/11/2012: SMART program


7/5/2012: Exchange scholar from ENS Paris Dr. Ulrich started his summer research here.


6/29/2012: Group dinner! Eric Hazlett from Penn State university visited us and we (Eric, Harry, Cheng, Jacob, Shih-Kuang, Kate, Francisco, Andy) had a group dinner at Leona.


6/27/2012: Andy Chuang Kuan Lin joined our group and started his summer research on optical lattice control.


6/25/2012: Francisco started his summer research project to investigate dynamics of levitated droplets.


6/24/2012: Cheng gave an invited talk at the 5th International Symposium on Cold Atom Physics (ISCAP-V) in Three Gorges, Tichang, China.


6/18~6/22/2012: Invited by Prof. Jing Zhang, Cheng visited Shanxi University, Shanxi, China and gave two lectures on Feshbach resonances in cold collisions and ultracold molecules.


6/11/2012: Kate started her project to create and trap highly charged droplets.


6/8/2012: Cheng, Harry, Shih-Kuang, Jacob visited Jeff Kimble's research group at CalTech physics, and Chen-Lung is our guide!


6/4~6/8/2012: Cheng, Harry, Colin, Shih-Kuang and Jacob attended the APS DAMOP meeting. We presented 2 posters on both Cs and LiCs experiments. Cheng gave a contributed talk on our recent works on scale invariance and quantum criticality.


6/5/2012: Cheng-Lung, Cheng's former student, gave a DAMOP thesis prize talk on his Ph.D. work at UChicago.


5/29~5/30/2012: Shih-Kuang, Colin, Harry, Jacob and Cheng attended the DAMOP review meeting in Chicago downtown. Cheng reported our experimental progress. We also arranged a Chicago architecture + firework cruise for > 40 DARPA meeting attendees.


5/18~5/20/2012: Invited by Prof. Daw-Wei Wang, Cheng attended the 2012 Taiwan International workshop on ultracold atoms and molecues at Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan, and gave an invited talk on 5/19. 


5/14~5/17/2012: Invited by Prof. Qi Zhou, Cheng Chin attended the International Conference on Frontiers of Cold Atoms and Related Topics in Hong Kong, and gave an invited talk on 5/14.


5/10/2012: Manfred Mark from Innsbruck Univeristy visited us and gave a talk on Innsbruck's recent exciting cesium experiments.


5/3/2012: Cheng Chin gave a colloquium talk at Cornell University.


4/25/2012: Prof. Humphrey Maris from Brown University visited us.


4/24~4/27/2012: Prof. Peter Zoller from Innsbruck University visited our group.


4/12/2012: Prof. Gerald Gabrielse from Harvard Univeristy visited us.


3/29~3/30/2012: We provided labtours for perspective graduate students during the Physics open house.


3/26/2012: Invited by Prof. Ken Brown, Cheng gave an invited talk at the Georgia Institute of Technology.


3/7/2012: UChicago News Office visited our labs and took pictures of the experiments for a report on our Science paper. 


3/5-3/7/2012: Invited by Prof. Anatoni Pokolvnikov, Cheng gave an invited talk at the Frontiers of quantum condensed matter physics: light, matter and unusual devices out of equilibrium at the City University of New York on 3/6.


2/27/2012: Invited by Mark Kaservich, Cheng gave a seminar talk at Stanford University.


2/16/2012: Prof. Hubert Saleur from University of Southern California visited us.


2/16/2012: Research Highlight! Our paper "Observation of Quantum Criticality with Ultracold Atoms in Optical Lattices" is published on Science Express. University of Chicago News office reporter came to our lab and shared our excitement.  

Xibo (Left) and Cheng (Right)


2/9/2012: Group party!! We had a dinner party in Chicago Brauhaus to celebrate the BEC in the Li Cs lab, Xibo's Science paper acceptance and Xibo's defense. Xibo, Harry and his girl friend, Shih-Kuang, his wife, Colin, his wife, Jacob, his girl friend and visitor Kazi Rajibul Islam.


2/7/2012: Xibo successfully defended his PhD dissertation. Congratulations!

Xibo's defense!

Xibo's defense!


2/3/2012 6:30pm. First Bose-Einstein condensation in the LiCs lab!!


2/3/2012: Cheng attended the APS DAMOP organization meeting in Washington DC.


1/26~1/27/2012: Invited by Prof. Mukund Vengalattore, Cheng gave a colloquium talk at Cornell University.


1/11~1/13/2012: Invited by Carlos SaDemelo, Cheng attended the 2012 Aspen Ultracold Atomic Systems Conference and gave an invited talk on our recent cesium and lithium-cesium experiments.