2015 talks

11/20/2015 GCIS 223 1:30pm Brian DeSalvo Observing the Rosensweig instability of a quantum ferrofluid.


10/30/2015 GCIS 223 1:30pm Chenyu Xu Interference and dynamics of light from a distance-controlled atom pair in an optical cavity.


10/08/2015 GCIS 223 1:30pm Logan Clark Kibble-Zurek Mechanism in Quantum Phase Transition


09/25/2015 GCIS 223 1:30pm Cheng Chin Rapid production of Uniformly filled arrays of neutral atoms.


09/18/2015 GCIS 223 1:00pm Jonathan Trisnadi A self-interfering clock as a “which path” witness.


08/28/2015 GCIS 223 1:00pm Colin Parker Geometrical pumping with a Bose-Einstein condensate.


08/21/2015 GCIS 223 1:00pm Jacob Johansen Fast machine-learning online optimization of ultra-cold-atom experiments.


08/14/2015 GCIS 223 1:00pm Harry Lichung Ha Itinerant density wave instabilities at classical and quantum critical points.


08/07/2015 GCIS 223 1:00pm Lei Feng Decoherence of Impurities in a Fermi Sea of Ultracold Atoms


07/24/2015 GCIS 223 1:00pm Gus Downs Entangling two transportable neutral atoms via local spin exchange


07/24/2015 GCIS 223 1:00pm Logan Clark Optical Boson Sampling


07/17/2015 GCIS 223 1:00pm Cheng Chin The Thouless Quantum Pump with Ultracold Bosonic Atoms in an Optical Superlattice


07/02/2015 GCIS E041 11:00am Chenyu Xu Bosonic condensation in a flat energy band


06/26/2015 GCIS 223 1:00pm Colin Parker Kondo effect in ultracold atoms


06/05/2015 GCIS 223 1:00pm Jacob Johansen Observation of the Efimov state of the helium trimer


05/22/2015 GCIS 223 1:00pm Harry Lichung Ha Universal dynamics of a quench quantum gas


05/08/2015 GCIS 223 1:00pm Lei Feng Three-Body Recombination at Vanishing Scattering Lengths in an Ultracold Bose Gas


04/10/2015 GCIS 223 1:00pm Gustaf Downs Two Fermions in a Double Well: Exploring a Fundamental Building Block of the Hubbard Model


04/03/2015 GCIS 223 12:30pm Logan Clark Einstein–Bohr recoiling double-slit gedanken experiment performed at the molecular level


03/27/2015 GCIS 223 3:00pm Chen-Yu Xu A mixture of Bose and Fermi superfluids


03/20/2015 GCIS 223 3:00pm Cheng Chin Classical Time Crystals and Quantum Time Crystals


02/20/2015 GCIS 223 3:00pm Harry Lichung Ha Critical dynamics of spontaneous symmetry breaking in a homogeneous Bose gas


01/23/2015 GCIS 223 3:00pm Jacob Johansen Fermionic suppression of dipolar relaxation: Observation of universal inelastic dipolar scattering


01/16/2015 GCIS 223 1:00pm Lei Feng Metastability and coherence of repulsive polarons in a strongly interacting Fermi mixture


Group Talk Turns:

Cheng Chin

Logan Clark

Brian DeSalvo

Gustaf Downs

Lei Feng

Harry Lichung Ha

Jacob Johansen

Colin Parker

Jonathan Trisnadi

Chen-Yu Xu