2016 talks

12/02/2016 GCIS 223 1:30pm Cheng Observation of quantum Hawking radiation and its entanglement in an analogue black hole


11/18/2016 GCIS 223 1:30pm Jonathan Nonergodic diffusion of single atoms in a periodic potential


11/11/2016 GCIS 223 1:30pm Krutik Observation of a persistent non-equilibrium state in cold atoms


11/04/2016 GCIS 223 1:30pm Mickey Spectral discrimination in color blind animals via chromatic aberration and pupil shape


10/14/2016 GCIS 223 1:30pm Lei Momentum correlation in a 1D Bose gas


09/30/2016 GCIS 223 1:30pm Brian Fermion-mediated long range interaction for Bosons


09/16/2016 GCIS 223 1:30pm Logan Symmetry requiring Asymmetry


09/09/2016 GCIS 223 1:30pm Cheng Emergence of a Turbulent Cascade in a Quantum Gas


09/02/2016 GCIS 223 1:30pm Krutik Bloch oscillations in the absence of a lattice


08/26/2016 GCIS 223 1:30pm Jacob Sub-atom shot noise Faraday imaging of ultracold atom clouds


08/12/2016 GCIS 223 1:30pm Lei Out of time order correlation function in a quantum phase transistion.


07/29/2016 GCIS 223 1:30pm Brian Bose polarons in strongly interacting regime.


07/22/2016 GCIS 223 1:30pm Logan Many-body localization in a homogeneous potential.


07/08/2016 GCIS 223 1:30pm Cheng Observation of Spatial Charge and Spin Correlations in the 2D Fermi-Hubbard Model.


07/01/2016 GCIS 223 1:30pm Jonathan Configurable microscopic optical potentials for Bose-Einstein condensates using a digital-micromirror device.


06/24/2016 GCIS 223 1:30pm Krutik Strange metal in a lattice fermi gas.


06/17/2016 GCIS 223 1:30pm Jacob Many-body Localization of trapped Ions.


06/10/2016 GCIS 223 1:30pm Harry Observation of quantum droplets in a strongly dipolar Bose gas.


05/20/2016 GCIS 223 1:30pm Logan Clark Universal dynamics of bosons crossing a quantum phase transition.


05/08/2016 GCIS 223 1:30pm Lei Feng Coarsening Dynamics of Binary Bose Condensates.


04/22/2016 GCIS 223 1:30pm Gustaf Downs Exploring the many-body localization transition in two dimensions.


04/15/2016 GCIS 223 1:30pm Brian DeSalvo Review of dynamics of fermions.


04/08/2016 GCIS 223 1:30pm Logan Clark Review of Spin-orbit coupling.


02/26/2016 GCIS 223 1:30pm Cheng Chin Measurement of entanglement entropy.


02/19/2016 GCIS 223 1:30pm Jacob Johansen.


02/12/2016 GCIS 223 1:30pm Jonathan Trisnadi Rapid Production of Uniformly filled Arrays of Neutral Atoms.


02/05/2016 GCIS 223 1:30pm Harry Ha Measurement noise 100 times lower than the quantum-projection limit using entangled atoms.


01/29/2016 GCIS 223 1:30pm Lei Feng Three-dimensional Gross-Pitaevskii solitary waves in optical lattices: Stabilization using the artificial quartic kinetic energy induced by lattice shaking.


01/22/2016 GCIS 223 1:30pm Mickey McDonald Photoassociation of dipolar molecules in strontium.


01/15/2016 GCIS 223 1:30pm Jason Ho Fascinating new ideas of quantum simulation in ultracold quantum gas.


01/08/2016 GCIS 223 1:30pm Gustaf Downs Site-resolved imaging of a fermonic Mott insulator.


Group Talk Turns:

Cheng Chin

Logan Clark

Brian DeSalvo

Lei Feng

Jacob Johansen

Anita Gaj

Mickey McDonald

Krutik Patel

Jonathan Trisnadi