2017 Talks

11/27/2017 GCIS 223 11:00am Lei Solving quantum many-body system via correlation measured using momentum microscope.


11/13/2017 GCIS 223 11:00am Jiazhong How to do a practical quantum communication?


10/30/2017 GCIS 223 10:30am Kevin Negative absolute temperature for motional degrees of freedom.


10/09/2017 GCIS 223 10:30am Johnathan Do physicist stop searches too early? A remote-science, optimization landscape investigation.


10/02/2017 GCIS 223 10:30am Cheng Multislip Friction with a Single Ion


09/24/2017 GCIS 223 10:30am Krutik Observation of new superradiant regimes in a Bose-Einstein condenssates


09/17/2017 GCIS 223 10:30am Mickey Cassini-Huygens: An overview


08/14/2017 GCIS 223 10:30am Lei Striped states in a many-body system of tilted dipoles


08/07/2017 GCIS 223 10:30am Logan Granulation in an atomic Bose-Einstein condensate


07/31/2017 GCIS 223 10:30am Brian Thermalization near integrability in a dipolar quantum Newton's cradle.


07/17/2017 GCIS 223 10:30am Cheng Molecular Spin-Flip Loss and a Dual Quadrupole Trap.


07/11/2017 GCIS 223 1:30pm Jonathan Realization of Fermi-Hubbard model.


05/29/2017 GCIS 223 10:30am Anita Soliton trains.


05/01/2017 GCIS 223 10:30am Krutik Monitoring and manipulating Higgs and Goldstone modes in a supersolid quantum gas


04/24/2017 GCIS 223 10:30am Brian Observation of Efimov molecules created from a resonantly interacting Bose gas


04/17/2017 GCIS 223 10:30am Mickey Ultra-precise holographic beam shaping for microscopic quantum control


04/10/2017 GCIS 223 10:30am Lei Controlling the Floquet state population and observing micromotion in a periodically driven two-body quantum system


04/03/2017 GCIS 223 10:30am Logan Superradiant Rayleigh scattering from a Bose-Einstein condensate


03/20/2017 GCIS 223 10:30am Cheng From Harper-Hofstadter butterfly to fractional quantum Hall effect


02/24/2017 GCIS 223 1:30pm Jonathan Ultracold molecular assembly


02/17/2017 GCIS 223 1:30pm Krutik  Experimental demonstration of an atomtronic battery


02/10/2017 GCIS 223 1:30pm Mickey Will a decaying atom feel a friction force?


02/03/2017 GCIS 223 1:30pm Jacob Magnetic trapping of cold CH3


01/27/2017 GCIS 223 1:30pm Anita Experimental constraint on dark matter detection with optimal atomic clocks


01/20/2017 GCIS 223 1:30pm Lei Weak collapse of BEC in an optical box potential


01/13/2017 GCIS 223 1:30pm Brian Connecting few-body inelastic decay to many-body correlations: a weakly coupled impurity in a resonant Fermi gas


01/06/2017 GCIS 223 1:30pm Logan Time crystals


Group Talk & Discussion Turns:

Cheng Chin               Cs/undergrad project

Brian DeSalvo            LiCs

Lei Feng                    Cs

Anita Gaj                   Cs

Jiazhong Hu              Cs

Mickey McDonald      QMS

Krutik Patel                LiCs

Jonathan Trisnadi        QMS

Kevin Yao        QMS