2018 Talks

11/26/2018 GCIS 223 10:30am Lei  Floquet Realization and Signatures of One-Dimensional Anyons in an Optical Lattice

10/08/2018 GCIS 223 10:30am Krutik  Observation of Rydberg blockade induced by single ion

10/01/2018 GCIS 223 10:00am Mickey On Gravity's Role in Quantum State Reduction

09/24/2018 GCIS 223 10:00am Jonathan Implementation of a high-power stable optical lattice

07/16/2018 GCIS 223 10:30am Lei Time-reversed wave mixing in nonlinear optics

07/09/2018 GCIS 223 10:30am Brian Observation of bound state self-interaction in a nano-eV atom collider

07/02/2018 GCIS 223 10:30am Cheng Can the fluctuation of the quantum vacuum solve the cosmological constant problem?

05/21/2018 GCIS 223 10:30am Frank Nonlinear structured-illumination microscopy

05/14/2018 GCIS 223 10:30am Jiazhong Single-qubit quantum memory exceeding tem-minute coherence time

04/30/2018 GCIS 223 10:30am Kevin Photonic counterparts of Cooper pairs

04/23/2018 GCIS 223 10:30am Jon Dark state optical lattice with a subwavelength spatial structure

04/16/2018 GCIS 223 10:30am Krutik Newton's cradle revisited: dephasing and relaxation

04/09/2018 GCIS 223 10:30am Mickey Imaging Optical Frequencies with 100 uHz Precision and 1.1 um Resolution

04/02/2018 GCIS 223 10:30am Jiazhong Observation of quantum Hawking radiation and its entanglement in an analogue black hole

02/12/2018 GCIS 223 10:30am Cheng Transmission of near resolant light through dense 2D gas

02/05/2018 GCIS 223 10:30am Kevin Low Entropy Cs with polarization synthesized optical lattice

01/29/2018 GCIS 223 10:30am Jonathan Single atom spin gate on neutral Cs