2019 Publications

Exploring Novel Quantum Phenomena of Atoms and Molecules at Ultralow Temperatures

Cheng Chin

Chicago Physics 3, 8 (2019)


Real Time Control of Hamiltonian of a 2D Quantum Gas

Cheng Chin

in "2D Quantum Metamaterials", proceedings of the 2018 NIST Workshop, World Scientific, edt by W.P. Kirk, J.N. Randall and J.H.G. Owen (2019)


Engaged in gauge theory

Cheng Chin

Nature Physics 15, 1106 (2019)


Strongly Correlated Quantum Gas Prepared by Direct Laser Cooling

Pablo Solano, Yiheng Duan, Yu-Ting Chen, Alyssa Rudelis, Cheng Chin, Vladan Vuletic

Phys. Rev. Lett. 123, 173401, ArXiv: 1906.05334


Quantum Simulation of Unruh Radiation

Jiazhong Hu, Lei Feng, Zhendong Zhang, Cheng Chin
Temperature dependence of the pairing fraction in the BEC-BCS crossover

Thomas Paintner, Daniel K. Hoffmann, Wolfgang Limmer, Wladimir Schoch, Benjamin Deissler, Michele Pini, Pierbiagio Pieri, Giancarlo Calvanese Strinati, Cheng Chin, Johannes Hecker Denschlag

Physical Review A 99, 053617 (2019), ArXiv:1803.10598


Fermion-Mediated Interactions Between Bosonic Atoms

B.J. DeSalvo, Krutik Patel, Geyue Cai, and Cheng Chin 

Nature 568, 61 (2019), Nature NEWS AND VIEWS, UChicago News, ArXiv:1808.07856.


Super-resolution microscopy of cold atoms in an optical lattice

Mickey McDonald, Jonathan Trisnadi, Kai-Xuan Yao, Cheng Chin

Physical Review X 9, 021001 (2019), Physics Viewpoint, ArXiv:1807.02906


Correlations in high harmonic generation of matter-wave jets revealed by pattern recognition

Lei Feng, Jiazhong Hu, Logan W. Clark, Cheng Chin

Science 363, 521(2019), ArXiv:1803.01786 , UChicago News.