2020 News

12/15/2020: Cheng gave a public lecture at the National Chung Hsing University

12/14/2020: Zhendong was rewarded the Plotnick Fellowship for winter quarter 2021!

12/10/2020: Cheng gave a colloquium talk in the Physics Department of National University of Singapore

12/3/2020: Cheng gave a Helen Diller Quantum Center weekly seminar at Technion Israel Institute of Technology on "The expected Observation of Bose Fireworks"

11/08/2020: Cheng gave a public talk and experimental demonstration of leviation techniques in the first Taiwan Science Festival - Explore.

11/07/2020: Huiting and Kelsey presented our Levitation poster at the Midstates Undergraduate Research Symposium in the Physical Sciences!

11/02/2020: Kevin gave a talk at the Quantum Information Science and Engineering Seminar, titled 'Pattern formation in a drive Bose-Einstein Condensate'!

10/10/2020: Liangchao is leaving us this December. We had a farewell dinner with him!

09/22/2020: Invited by Dongping Zhong, Cheng gave a Physics Colliquium talk in Ohio State University

08/31/2020: Invited by Victor Galitski, Cheng gave the Joint Quantum Institute Seminar at the University of Maryland

08/13/2020: Cheng gave a colloquium talk in the Physics Department of UChicago

07/27/2020: Cheng gave a presentation in the QSFS workshop.

07/23/2020: Cheng gave a seminar talk in the Institute of Atomic and Molecular Science of Academic Sinica in Taiwan.

06/16/2020: Cheng gave a seminar talk in the Physics Department of National Sun Yat-Sen University.

06/04/2020: Cheng gave an invited talk in APS DAMOP.

03/23/2020: Our new paper, "Pattern formation in a driven Bose–Einstein condensate", is published in Nature Physics!

02/24/2020: Bertrand Evrard from College de France and ENS joined us today.

01/30/2020: Cheng presented our research work in the ARO review meeting.

01/26/2020: Chin lab stands behind Wuhan in the fight against the coronavirus!

01/26/2020: Cheng held a party to celebrate the Chinese New Year!

01/13/2020: Cheng attended the Quantum Foundry Workshop at the Discover Partners Institute.

01/03/2020: Huiting Liu and Shuwen Fang are awarded a Women in Physics Group Grant.