2007 Publications

Spectroscopy of Ultracold Trapped Cesium Feshbach Molecules

M. Mark, F. Ferlaino, S. Knoop, J.G. Danzl, T. Kraemer, C. Chin, H.-C. Naegerl, R. Grimm,

Physical Review A, 042514 (2007)


`Stückelberg interferometry´ with ultracold molecules

M. Mark, T. Kraemer, P. Waldburger, J. Herbig, C. Chin, H.-C. Nägerl, R. Grimm,

Physical Review Letter 99, 113201 (2007)


Experimental Evidence for Efimov Quantum States

H.-C. Naegerl, T. Kraemer, M. Mark, P. Waldburger, J. G. Danzl, B. Engeser, A. D. Lange, K. Pilch, A. Jaakkola, C. Chin, R. Grimm,



Precision measurements of collective oscillations in the BEC-BCS crossover

A. Altmeyer, S. Riedl, C. Kohstall, M. J. Wright, R. Geursen, M. Bartenstein, C. Chin, J. Hecker Denschlag, and R. Grimm,

Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 040401 (2007).