2009 Publications

In situ Observation of incompressible Mott-insulating domains in ultracold atomic gases

Nathan Gemelke, Xibo Zhang, Chen-Lung Hung, Cheng Chin 

Nature 460, 995 (2009) arXiv:0904.1532


Ultracold molecules: new probes on the variation of fundamental constants

Cheng Chin, V.V. Flambaum, M.G. Kozlov 

New Journal of Physics 11 055048 (2009) arXiv:0901.3846


Determination of atomic scattering lengths from measurements of molecular binding energies near Feshbach resonances

A. D. Lange, K. Pilch, A. Prantner, F. Ferlaino, B. Engeser, H.-C. Naegerl, R. Grimm, C. Chin

Physical Review A 79, 013622 (2009)


Ultracold molecules: vehicles to scalable quantum information processing

Kathy-Anne Brickman Soderberg, Nathan Gemelke, Cheng Chin

New Journal of Physics 11 055022 (2009) arXiv:0812.1606