2010 Publications

Nature News and Views: Atoms in chequerboard order

Cheng Chin, Nathan Gemelke 

Nature 464 1289 (2010)


Feshbach Resonances in Ultracold Gases

Cheng Chin, Rudolf Grimm, Paul Julienne, Eite Tiesinga 

Review of Modern Physics 82 1225 (2010)


Slow Mass Transport and Statistical Evolution of An Atomic Gas Across the Superfluid-Mott Insulator Transition

Chen-Lung Hung, Xibo Zhang, Nathan Gemelke, Cheng Chin 

Phys. Rev. Lett.104.160403 (2010)


Optical Lattices for Atom Based Quantum Microscopy

Andreas Klinger, Skyler Degenkolb, Nathan Gemelke, Kathy-Anne Brickman Soderberg, Cheng Chin 

Rev. Sci. Instrum. 81, 013109 (2010) arXiv:0909.2475