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UChicago-Taiwan Student Exchange (UCTS) Fellowship

Welcome to the UChicago–Taiwan student summer research program in the Sciences (UCTS)! We initiated this program in 2023 to enhance research collaboration between principle investigators at the University of Chicago and in Taiwan via exchanging visiting students. In the year 2024 our focused areas of research include Physics, Astronomy and Quantum Science.


Are you a PI at UChicago or in Taiwan interested in sending or recruiting a summer student? Please encourage the students to inquire about the summer positions offered by the PI that you wish to collaborate with. Once the students have identified the host PI, we can help to secure the funding and initiate the application process.

Are you an undergraduate or graduate student in Taiwan interested in conducting short-term research at the University of Chicago? Please talk to your advisor and check out the UChicago PIs tab to find open positions. You may also contact other PIs beyond the list. The UCTS fellowship can offer partial support for your trip.


     For students coming to the Univ. of Chicago, the Physical Science Division (PSD) will offer up to 10 fellowships in 2024 to cover the tuition, fees and on-campus housing. The students will be enrolled in the Non-Degree Visiting Student (NDVS) program. To apply for the fellowship, please discuss with your advisor at your home institute and a PI at the host institute to offer the application materials, see Application.The selection will be based on students’ readiness in performing research and recommendations from the home and host PIs.

Are you a student at the Univ. of Chicago interested in short term research in Taiwan? Please contact us and check out the Taiwan PIs tab to find suitable positions in Taiwan. You may also find PIs beyond the list. We will work with the host institute to find funding support for you.

     For students interested in short-term research in Taiwan, support from the host university in Taiwan for the tuition, fees and housing will be provided. Please check the Application tab and contact the Taiwan PIs for more local information.