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UChicago-Taiwan Student Exchange (UCTS) Fellowship


3/26/2024  Zoom meeting for Taiwan students with UCTS fellowship. The meeting will be attended by UChicago NDVS officer Sierra Sterling, TSA president Hsiang-Yu Tsai, former summer intern Ken Shen and Cheng Chin. The slides are here.  
3/18/2024  Zoom meeting for UChicago students with UCTS fellowship. The meeting was attended by PIs from Taiwan, NTU OIA office. The slides are here.  


12/20/2023  Slides from the 12/18 meeting: UChicago Intro (Eimi Satoh), NDVS program (Laura Rigazzi), and Taiwan Student Association (Hsiang-Yu Tsai). Screen shot of the meeting. 


12/18/2023  We will hold a Zoom meeting for interested Taiwanese students to discuss the UCTS exchange program with PIs, students and program oganizers from the University of Chicago. See flyer here


11/20/2023  Please find the presentations by National Cheng Kung University, National Taiwan University 1 and 2, National Central University, National Tsing Hua University and Academic Sinica on research, student life and application procedure.


11/19/2023   We will hold a Zoom meeting on the UCTS program for UChicago students to discuss with PIs and the program organizers from Taiwan.



Other UChicago-Taiwan collaboration and funding opportunities:


113年教育部學海計畫 (for Taiwan students): This supports your international internship. 


UChicago Global Honors Program (for UChicago student): You can earn points toward Global Honors.


Taiwan-UChicago Graduate Fellowship (for Taiwan students): Fellowships to study at UChicago
AFOSR - Taiwan NSTC Novel Materials and Nanostructures (For PIs): Research funds for PIs
International Internship Pilot Program (For US students): Internship to study in Taiwan. 2024 Application starts on 12/18/2023.
Jeff Metcalf Internship Program (For US students): Internship for US students to study abroad
Fulbright US Student Program (For US students): Internship for US students to study abroad