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Prof. Cheng Chin
Cheng Chin

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Voice:    702-7192
Fax:      834-5250
Office: GCIS E107
email:        cchin*

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Prof. Cheng Chin




Maria Jimenez

Voice: 702-9971
Fax:    834-5250
Office: GCIS E225
email: mdjimene*

Prof. Cheng Chin


Postdoctoral Researchers



Graduate Students


Jonathan Trisnadi

Voice: 702-1218
Office: GCIS ESB27
email: jtrisnadi*


Krutik Patel

Voice: 702-1218
Office: GCIS ESB27
email: krutikp*


Kai-Xuan (Kevin) Yao

Voice: 702-1218
Office: GCIS ESB27
email: kxyao*


Zhendong Zhang

Voice: 702-1218
Office: GCIS ESB27
email: zhendong*


Geyue Cai

Voice: 702-1218
Office: GCIS ESB27
email: gcai*


Mingjiamei Zhang

Voice: 702-1218
Office: GCIS ESB27
email: zmjm*



Undergraduate Students


Lucas Baralt


Yu Alicia Xiao


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Huiting Liu


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Shuwen Leone Fang


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David Weisskopf


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Michelle Chong


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Alexander Preau


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Former Members




In our group

Current position

Mickey McDonald
Postdoc 16~19 Atom Computing
Brian DeSalvo
Postdoc 15~19 Assistant Professor, Physics, Indiana University
Connor Fieweger
Undergrad 15~19 PhD student, Physics, University of Innsbruck
Lei Feng
PhD student 13~19 Postdoc with Chris Monroe, JQI, University of Maryland
Tyler Johnson
Undergrad  PhD student, Physics, Duke University
Marissa Montoya
Undergrad  Voleon Group, San Francisco
Ben Foster
Undergrad 14~17 PhD student, Physics, University of California, Berkeley
Frankie Fung
Undergrad 14~17 PhD student, Physics, Harvard University
Misha Usatyuk
Undergrad 13~17 PhD student, Physics, University of California, Berkeley
Jiazhong Hu
Postdoc 17~18 Assistant Professor, Physics, Tsinghua University
Anita Gaj
Postdoc 16~17  
Logan Clark
PhD student 12~17 Postdocotral Fellow, Physics, University of Chicago
Jacob Johansen
PhD student 11~17 AMO Scientist, Honeywell
Yunpeng Ji Undergraduate RA 16~17 Ph.D. student, Physics, Yale University
Tongtong Liu Undergraduate, Summer, 16 Ph.D. student, Physics, MIT
Kuan-Wen Chen Undergraduate, Summer, 16 Master degree student, Physics, National Taiwan University
Yugan Sakthi High school, Summer, 16 Undergraduate, Physics, Case Western Reserve University
Nicholas Kowalski Undergraduate RA 13~16 Ph.D. student, Physics, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Paloma Ocola Undergraduate RA 13~16 Ph.D. student, Physics, Harvard University
Harry Li-chung Ha PhD student 10~16 Postdocotral Fellow, Physics, University of Texas at Austin
Chenyu Xu Postdoctoral Fellow 15~16 Data Scientist, Uptake Technologies
Colin Parker Postdoctoral Fellow 11~15 Assistant Professor, Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology
Junbo Zhu Visiting student 15 Ph.D. student, Physics, MIT
Tyler Smart Visiting student 15 Graduate student, Physics, UC-Santa Cruz

Yu-Ting Chen

Visiting student 14 and 15

Ph.D. student, Physics, Harvard University

Klaus Hueck

Visiting student 14

Ph.D. student in Physics, Hamburg University, Germany

Karina Jiménez García

Postdoctoral scholar 13~14

Professor, CINVESTAV (Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute), Mexico City, Mexico

Dylan Sabulsky

Undergrad RA 12~14

Ph.D. in Physics, Imperial College

Rajan Aggarwal

Summer high school student '14

Undergraduate, Department of Mechanical Engineering, UIUC

Eric Hazlett

Postdoctoral scholar 13~14

Assistant Professor, Physics, Carleton College

Shih-Kuang Tung

Postdoctoral scholar 10~14

Assistant Professor, Physics, Tsinghua University, Taiwan

Ulrich Eismann

Visiting Scholar 12 and 13

Senior Scientist, Toptica Inc.

Kate Schreiber

Undergrad RA 13

Ph.D. in Physics, Purdue University

Francisco Fonta

Undergrad RA 13

Ph.D student, Physics, Penn State University

Chung-Kuan Lin

Visiting student '12

Ph.D. student, Materials Science and Engineering, UC Berkeley

Xibo Zhang

PhD student 05~12

Assistant Professor, Peking University, China

Diana Chen

Undergrad RA 11

Ph.D. student, Physics, Georgia Institute of Technology

Chen-Lung Hung

PhD student 05~11

Assistant Professor, Physics Department, Purdue University

Jing Zhang

Visiting Scholar '11

Professor, Shanxi University

Alejandro Virrueta

Summer student '11

Ph.D. student, Physics, Yale University

Zhaoyuan Ma

Visiting Scholar '10

Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Yun-Chu Wang

Visiting student '10

National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Yijun Tang

Summer student '10~'11

Ph.D. in Physics, Stanford University

Nathan Gemelke

Grainger postdoctoral scholar

Assistant Professor, Physics, Pennsylvania State University in University park

Skyler Degenkolb

Undergrad RA 07~10

Ph.D. student, Physics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Ray Jia Hong Ng

Undergrad RA 09~10

Ph.D. student, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Kathy-Anne Soderberg

MRSEC Postdoctoral scholar

Senior Research Scientist, Air Force Research Laboratory

Francisco Martinez

Exchange student 2010

Physics Department, Universidad de Santiago de Chile

Dennis Lin

Technical assistant 05~10

Associate Researcher, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan

Andreas Klinger

Exchange student 08~09

Ph.D. student in Physics, Innsbruck University, Austria

Eric Blanshan

Undergrad RA 05~08

Ph.D. student in Physics, University of Colorado

Daniel Rivas

Exchange student 08

Ph.D. student in Physics, Max Planck institute for quantum optics, Garching, Germany

Robert Berry

Undergrad RA 05~07

Engineer, Unico, Inc., St. Louis

Martin Jankowiak

Undergrad RA 05~07

Stanford University Ph.D. Program in Physics

Shuo Hao

Undergrad RA 06

Master student in Applied Physics, Harvard University

Sebastian Michea Mora

Exchange student 06

Ph.D. student in Physics Department, Universidad de Chile

Emily Garza

REU student

Ph.D. student in Molecular biophysics, the Univ. of Texas Southwestern