Recent publications

Engaged in gauge theory

Cheng Chin

Nature Physics (2019)


Pattern formation in a driven Bose-Einstein Condensate

Zhendong Zhang, Kai-Xuan Yao, Lei Feng, Jiazhong Hu, Cheng Chin

ArXiv: 1909.05536


Strongly Correlated Quantum Gas Prepared by Direct Laser Cooling

Pablo Solano, Yiheng Duan, Yu-Ting Chen, Alyssa Rudelis, Cheng Chin, Vladan Vuletic

ArXiv: 1906.05334


Quantum Simulation of Unruh Radiation

Jiazhong Hu, Lei Feng, Zhendong Zhang, Cheng Chin
Temperature dependence of the pairing fraction in the BEC-BCS crossover

Thomas Paintner, Daniel K. Hoffmann, Wolfgang Limmer, Wladimir Schoch, Benjamin Deissler, Cheng Chin, Johannes Hecker Denschlag

Physical Review A 99, 053617 (2019), ArXiv:1803.10598


Fermion-Mediated Interactions Between Bosonic Atoms

B.J. DeSalvo, Krutik Patel, Geyue Cai, and Cheng Chin 

Nature 568, 61 (2019), Nature NEWS AND VIEWS, UChicago News, ArXiv:1808.07856.


Super-resolution microscopy of cold atoms in an optical lattice

Mickey McDonald, Jonathan Trisnadi, Kai-Xuan Yao, Cheng Chin

Physical Review X 9, 021001 (2019), Physics Viewpoint, ArXiv:1807.02906


Correlations in high harmonic generation of matter-wave jets revealed by pattern recognition

Lei Feng, Jiazhong Hu, Logan W. Clark, Cheng Chin

Science 363, 521(2019), ArXiv:1803.01786 , UChicago News.