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"Dancing of Ice Particles" - Winners of the 2024 UChicago Science as Art competition announced

April 2024 - University of Chicago News


Inside the 20-year quest to unravel the bizarre realm of 'quantum superchemistry'

April 2024 - LiveScience

La chimie devient quantique

October 2023 - Epsiloon

‘Quantum Superchemistry’ Observed for the First Time Ever

August 2023 - Scientific American

Study demonstrates many-body chemical reactions in a quantum degenerate gas

August 2023 -

Chicago scientists observe first evidence of ‘quantum superchemistry’ in the laboratory

August 2023 - UChicago News

Scientists use lasers to recreate 'twisted' superconducting material

March 2023 - UChicago News


The future remembers its past: Largest gift of art to PSD features career retrospective of Hyde Park painter (Former student Francisco Fonta's grand mother)

August 2022 - UChicago Physical Sciences Division


UChicago scientists create strange quantum ‘domain walls’ in laboratory

February 2022 - UChicago News


Cheng Chin receives ’21–’22 Marian and Stuart Rice Research Award


January 2022 - UChicago Physical Sciences Division


Bose fireworks and Shooting quantum particles resembles pattern like a turtle


September 2021 - National Science Foundation


Frozen cloud of molecules acts as a single quantum object


April 2021 - New Scientist


In long-awaited breakthrough, UChicago scientists harness molecules into single quantum state


April 2021 - UChicago News


Scientists use atoms to simulate quantum physics in curved spacetimes


June 2019 - UChicago News


Viewpoint: A quantum simulation of Unruh radiation


June 2019 -


Viewpoint: Zooming in on ultracold atoms


April 2019 - American Physical Society Physics


Cold atoms act as messengers at a distance


April 2019 - UChicago PSD News


New interactions seen in an ultracold gas


April 2019 - Nature News and Views


Machine learning reveals hidden turtle pattern in quantum fireworks


February 2019 - UChicago News


$22 million for quantum research at UChicago and national labs


September 2018 - UChicago News


Quantum systems work together for change, UChicago scientists find


January 2018 - UChicago News


Bosonenfalle für Fermionen


December 2017 -


Fermions trapped in Bose gas


December 2017 - Physics Synopsis, American Physical Society


UChicago scientists see fireworks from atoms at ultra-low temperatures


November 2017 - UChicago News


UChicago physicists settle debate over how exotic quantum particles form


June 2017 - UChicago News


Undergrads achieve levitation breakthrough


Apr 2017 - UChicago News


Physics Undergraduates Help Discover New Levitation Method


Mar 2017 - The Chicago Maroon


New method uses heat flow to levitate variety of objects


Feb 2017 - UChicago News


Researchers confirm decades-old theory decribing principle of phase transitions


Nov 2016 - UChicago News


Laser-wielding physicists seize control of atoms’ behavior


Oct 2015 - UChicago News


Making And Shaking New Materials With Ultracold Atoms


Jun 2015 - Forbes Magazine


Cesium atoms shaken, not stirred, to create elusive excitation in superfluid


Feb 2015 - UChicago News


Exotic, gigantic molecules fit inside each other like Russian nesting dolls


Jan 2015 - UChicago News


Physicists Find a Surprising Rule of Threes


May 2014 - Quanta Magazine


Cold Atom Cosmology


Sep 2013 - Science Magazine


Ultracold Big Bang experiment successfully simulates evolution of early universe


Aug 2013 - UChicago News


Ultracold experiments heat up quantum research


Mar 2012 - UChicago News


Physicist Cheng Chin receives 2011 I.I. Rabi Prize


Feb 2011 - UChicago News


Same rules apply to some experimental systems regardless of scale


Feb 2011 - UChicago News


"Wedding Cake" Images Display Transitions between Exotic Quantum States


August 2009 - NSF news


Physicists Propose New Ultracold Scheme for Scalable Quantum Information Processing


June 2009 -


Physicists warm up to ultracold experiments


June 2009 - UC research


Chicago’s Odyssey initiative is designed to ease the burden of undergraduate debt—and let students pursue their dreams.


September/October 2007 - The University of Chicago Magazine


Atoms rely on teamwork to achieve what theory predicted decades ago


March 2006 - UC Chronicle


Feat of experimental acrobatics leads to first synthesis of ultracold molecules


April 2005 - UC press on ultracold complex molecules