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Physics 45200 Quantum Optics and Quantum Gases

Time: MW 09:00 -10:20 am

Office hour: TuTh 11am~12pm
Classroom: KPTC 103
Lecturer: Cheng Chin,

Quantum Gases

Wk01 10/01 M 9:00~10:20 The holy grail – Bose-Einstein condensation

Wk01 10/03 W 9:00~10:20 Quantum gas vs. normal gas                 
Wk02 10/08 M 9:00~10:20 Atomic s-wave interactions 

Wk02 10/10 W 9:00~10:20 Weakly interacting BEC: Gross-Pitaevski equation   HW1
Wk03 10/15 M 9:00~10:20 Weakly interacting BEC: Bogoliubov transformation

Wk03 10/17 W 9:00~10:20 Cold collisions and Feshbach resonances

Wk04 10/22 M 9:00~10:20 Strongly interacting gas: Bosons vs. Fermions 
Wk04 10/24 W 9:00~10:20 Ultracold molecules   HW2
Wk05 10/29 M 9:00~10:20 Optical lattices
Wk05 10/31 W 9:00~10:20
Bose-Hubbard model
Wk06 11/05 M 9:00~10:20 Superfluid-Mott insulator transition   Midterm


Quantum Optics

Wk07 11/12 M 9:00~10:20 Inelastic and elastic (Rayleigh) scattering 

Wk07 11/14 W 9:00~10:20 Light shifts and dressed atom picture

Wk07 11/16 F 9:00~10:20 Ramsey and Raman spectroscopy
Wk08 11/19 M 9:00~10:20 Coherent states and squeezed states     
Wk08 11/21 W 9:00~10:20 Photon entanglement   HW3 HW2+Solution Midterm+Solution

Wk09 11/26 M 9:00~10:20 Quantum teleportation
Wk09 11/30 F 9:00~10:20 Quantum computation based on linear optics   HW4

Wk10 12/03 M 9:00~10:20 Final presentations  

Wk10 12/05 W 9:00~10:20 Final presentations



Problem sets 50%

Midterm 20%

final paper/presentation 30%

Supporting texts

Quantum gases:

Bose-Einstein Condensation in Dilute Gases by C. J. Pethick and H. Smith

Bose-Einstein Condensation by L. Pitaevskii, S. Stringari

G.-P. equation and Bogoliubov approximation, A.J. Leggett, New J. Phys. 5 103 (2003)

Review papers:

The cold atom Hubbard toolbox, D. Jakscha and P. Zoller, Annals of Physics 315 52 (2005)

Theory of Bose-Einstein condensation in trapped gases, F. Dalfovo, S. Giorgini, L.P. Pitaevskii, and S. Stringari, RMP 71 463 (1999)

Theory of ultracold atomic Fermi gases, S. Giorgini, L.P. Pitaevskii, and S. Stringari, RMP 80 1215 (2008)

Many-body physics with ultracold gases, I. Bloch, J. Dalibard, and W. Zwerger, RMP 80 885 (2008)

Feshbach resonances in ultracold gases, C. Chin, R. Grimm, P. Julienne, and E. Tiesinga, RMP 82 1225 (2010)


Quantum optics:

Mesoscopic Quantum Optics by Y. Yamamoto and A. Imamoglu   

Quantum Optics by D. F. Walls and G. J. Milburn

Electromagnetic Noise and Quantum Optical Measurements by Hermann A. Haus

Quantum Optics by M. Scully and S. Zubairy

Review papers:

Modern approach to quantum optics: S.L. Braunstein and P. van Loock, RMP 77 513 (2005)

Photon echos: I.D. Abella, N.A. Kurnit, and S.R. Hartmann, Phys. Rev. 141 391 (1966)

Continuous-variable optical quantum-state tomography: RMP 81 299 (2009)

Linear optical quantum computing with photonic qubits: RMP 79 135 (2007)


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