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Science, Mathematics And Research Training
Woodlawn High School Science Education Outreach

  2008 Summer Outreach

For Educators
  SMART Proposal
  Outreach program agenda

For Students
Outreach supporting videos:
  Tacoma narrows
  Haunted swing
  Resonant energy transfer
  Metronomes synchronization
  Amazing sound waves
  Chladni patterns

  Faraday waves

  Galaxy Zoo
  Help scientists find galaxies!!
  Help scientists find aliens!!

  Calculate local magneitc field
  Calculate local gravity (in US)

  Find the largest primes!!
  Ulam Spiral

  National Sciene Foundation
  University of Chicago
  Woodlawn High school
  Urban School Improvement
  Chicago MRSEC
  Chin's Research Group

  Photos of 2008 Outreach

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S.M.A.R.T. Picture

Welcome to S.M.A.R.T.!
Who are we?
···We are a group of researchers and educators from the Department of Physics of the University of Chicago.

What are we doing here?
···We are setting up this website and share with you the secrets and excitement about science and mathematics research.

How do you explore the website?
···Try the links on the left. If you know any other interesting websites, please tell us. We will include more interesting websites.


2008 Summer S.M.A.R.T. Outreach program

  7/31:  KPTC 208 + Lab tour: Water and sand waves
            Organizer: Heinrich Jaeger
            Assistant: Helen Parks

  8/1:    KPTC 208: Mechanical Resonances
            Organizer: Kathy-Anne Brickman
            Assistants: Arjun Sharma, Scott Waitukaitis, Athena Frost

  8/2:    Museum Tour: Adler Planetarium
           Organizer: Athena Frost
  8/4:    KPTC 208: Vortex rings and fluid dynamics
            Organizer: Eileen Sheu
            Assistants: Trey Banani and Barnabas Kipapa

  8/5:    KPTC 208: Chlodny plate, Faraday waves & BBQ
            Organizers: Nathan Gemelke and Cheng Chin
            Assistant: Kara Lamb and William Sweeney

LaboratoryManagers:Van Bistrow and Dennis Gordon

BBQ experts: Scott Waitukaitis and Dennis Lin


Last Updated: Wednesday, August 6, 21:51:02 2008

Puzzle of the month (Summer Olympic question):
Prove that world record for long jump should  be 4 times the world record for high jump.
(Check Wikipedia and see whether the above statement is true.)

Puzzle of the month:
Show that a 3x3x3 Rubik's cube has 8!12!(3^7)(2^10) ~ 4*10^19 configurations.

Puzzle of last month:
    1      2      3      4      5      6      7      8      9     =  100
Insert +,  -, *, /,  ^, (, ), ., ... between the numbers or simply connecting them such that the above equation is valid.

Example: 12+3.4+5.6+7+8*9=100