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Science, Mathematics And Research Training 2012
High School Science Education Outreach

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For Educators
  SMART Proposal

For Students
Outreach supporting videos:
  US Secretary of Energy
  Light bulb comparison
  Standing waves
  Chladni Plate
  Metronome Syn.
  Planets and stars
  Solar car making

  Calculate local magneitc field
  Calculate local gravity (in US)

  National Sciene Foundation
  University of Chicago
  Woodlawn High school
  Urban School Improvement
  Chicago MRSEC
  Chin's Research Group

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SMART 2012

Welcome to S.M.A.R.T.!
Who are we?
···We are a group of researchers and educators from the Department of Physics of the University of Chicago.

What are we doing here?
···We are setting up this website and share with you the secrets and excitement about science and mathematics research.

How do you explore the website?
···Try the links on the left. If you know any other interesting websites, please tell us. We will include more interesting websites.

2012 Summer S.M.A.R.T. Outreach program

  7/7: Observatory Tour (5720 S. Ellis Ave.)
        Organizer: Athena Frost
        Assistants: Dylan Banahene-Sabulsky and Kate Schreiber

  7/9: Activity on 3-D Printing (KPTC 213)
        Organizer: Justin Jureller
        Assistants: Chung Kuan Lin and Francisco Fonta

  7/10: Experiment: A bright idea (KPTC 213 and 210)
        Organizer: Van Bistrow
Colin Parker, Skyler Degenkolb

  7/11: Lab tours and demonstrations (KPTC 213)
        Organizers: Eileen Sheu, Sid Nagerl, Greg Engel
        Assistants: Chin group members

        BBQ party (3 ~5 pm, KPTC 206)


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