Group meeting presentations

Google Sheet of COVID 19 research resumption schedule

03/01/2021 Zoom 10:30am Geyue Observation of quasiparticle pair-production and quantum entanglement in atomic quantum gases quenched to an attractive interaction

02/22/2021 Zoom 10:30am Zhendong Observation of many-body quantum phase transitions beyond the Kibble-Zurek mechanism

02/15/2021 Zoom 10:30am Jiamei A quantum-logic gate between distant quantum-network modules

02/08/2021 Zoom 10:30am Kevin Quantum computational advantage using photons

01/25/2021 Zoom 10:30am Jon Protocol for autonomous rearrangement of cold atoms into low-entropy configurations

01/18/2021 Zoom 10:30am Krutik Production and characterization of a fragmented spinor Bose-Einstein condensate

01/11/2021 Zoom 10:30am Shu Three-dimensional trapping of individual Rydberg atoms in ponderomotive bottle beam traps

Group Talk & Discussion Turns:

Geyue (Frank) Cai                 LiCs

Cheng Chin               Cs/undergrad project

Connor Fieweger      QMS

Shu Nagata               Cs

Krutik Patel                LiCs

Jonathan Trisnadi      QMS

Kai-Xuan (Kevin) Yao                  Cs

Mingjiamei Zhang      QMS

Zhendong Zhang       Cs