Group meeting presentations

05/25/2020 Zoom 10:30am Jiamei Suppressing dissipation in a Floquet-Hubbard system

05/18/2020 Zoom 10:30am Kevin Observation of gauge invariance in a 71-site quantum simulator

05/11/2020 Zoom 10:30am Jon Efficient ground-state cooling of large trapped-ion chains with an EIT tripod scheme

05/04/2020 Zoom 10:30am Krutik Forming a single molecule by magnetoassociation in an optical tweezer

04/27/2020 Zoom 10:30am Shu Robust Bilayer Charge-Pumping for Spin- and Density-Resolved Quantum Gas Microscopy

04/20/2020 Zoom 10:30am Cheng Experimental charaterization of two-particle entanglement through position and momentum correlations

04/13/2020 Zoom 10:30am Liangchao Observation of dynamical fermionization

04/06/2020 Zoom 10:30am Frank Supersolid symmetry breaking from compressional oscillations in a dipolar quantum gas

03/30/2020 Zoom 10:30am Zhendong Mott-insulator-aided detection of ultra-narrow Feshbach resonances

03/23/2020 Zoom 10:30am Jiamei Anomalous decay of coherence in a dissipative many-body system

03/09/2020 GCIS 223 10:30am Kevin The low energy Goldstone mode in a trapped dipolar supersolid

03/02/2020 GCIS 223 10:30am Krutik Quantum simulation of the quantum Rabi model in a trapped ion

02/25/2020 GCIS 223 10:30am Cheng Geometric squeezing into the lowest Landau level

02/17/2020 GCIS 223 10:30am Liangchao Synthesized magnetic field of a sawtooth superradiance lattice in Bose-Einstein condensates

02/10/2020 GCIS 223 10:30am Frank Ultrafast many-body interferometry of impurities coupled to a Fermi sea

02/03/2020 GCIS 223 10:30am Zhendong Coherent superposition of Feshbach dimers and Efimov dimers

01/20/2020 GCIS 223 10:30am Jiamei Time-resolved observation of spin-charge deconfinement in fermionic Hubbard chains


Group Talk & Discussion Turns:

Geyue Cai                 LiCs

Liangchao Chen        Cs

Cheng Chin               Cs/undergrad project

Shu Nagata               Cs

Krutik Patel                LiCs

Jonathan Trisnadi      QMS

Kevin Yao                  Cs

Mingjiamei Zhang      QMS

Zhendong Zhang       Cs