Group meeting presentations

Google Sheet of COVID 19 research resumption schedule


10/11/2021 GCIS 223 10:30am Kevin Realising the Symmetry-Protected Haldane phase in Fermi-Hubbard Ladders

10/04/2021 GCIS 223 10:30am Lauren Controlled creation and decay of singly-quantized vortices in a polar magnetic phase

09/20/2021 GCIS 223 10:30am Jon Observation of a dissipative time crystal

09/13/2021 GCIS 223 10:30am Krutik Black-body radiation induced facilitated excitation of Rydberg atoms in optical tweezers

08/30/2021 GCIS 223 10:30am Shu Quantum register of fermion pairs

08/16/2021 GCIS 223 10:30am Cheng Evidence for an atomic chiral superfluid with topological excitations

08/02/2021 GCIS 223 10:30am Frank Sound emission and annihilations in a programmable quantum vortex collider

07/26/2021 GCIS 223 10:30am Krutik Quantum gas microscopy of Kardar-Parisi-Zhang superdiffusion

07/12/2021 Zoom 10:30am Jiamei Observation of a prethermal discrete time crystal

07/05/2021 Zoom 10:30am Kevin Observation of first and second sound in a BKT superfluid

06/21/2021 Zoom 10:30am Jon Programmable Interactions and Emergent Geometry in an Atomic Array

06/14/2021 Zoom 10:30am Zhendong Two-particle interference with double twin-atom beams

06/07/2021 Zoom 10:30am Shu Pattern Formation in Quantum Ferrofluids: from Supersolids to Superglasses

05/17/2021 Zoom 10:30am Cheng Observing the emergence of a quantum phase transition shell by shell

05/10/2021 Zoom 10:30am Geyue Quantum gas magnifier for sub-lattice-resolved imaging of three-dimensional quantum systems

04/26/2021 Zoom 10:30am Jiamei Evidence of superfluidity in a dipolar supersolid from nonclassical rotational inertia

04/19/2021 Zoom 10:30am Kevin Controlling quantum many-body dynamics in driven Rydberg atom arrays

04/05/2021 Zoom 10:30am Jon Adjustable refractive power from diffractive moire elements & Long distance optical transport of ultracold atoms a compact setup using a moire lens

03/29/2021 Zoom 10:30am Krutik Pauli blocking of atomic spontaneous decay

03/22/2021 Zoom 10:30am Shu Repeated measurements with minimally destructive partial-transfer absorption imaging

03/08/2021 Zoom 10:30am Cheng A compact and fast magnetic coil for the interaction manipulation of quantum gases with feshbach resonances

03/01/2021 Zoom 10:30am Geyue Observation of quasiparticle pair-production and quantum entanglement in atomic quantum gases quenched to an attractive interaction

02/22/2021 Zoom 10:30am Zhendong Observation of many-body quantum phase transitions beyond the Kibble-Zurek mechanism

02/15/2021 Zoom 10:30am Jiamei A quantum-logic gate between distant quantum-network modules

02/08/2021 Zoom 10:30am Kevin Quantum computational advantage using photons

01/25/2021 Zoom 10:30am Jon Protocol for autonomous rearrangement of cold atoms into low-entropy configurations

01/18/2021 Zoom 10:30am Krutik Production and characterization of a fragmented spinor Bose-Einstein condensate

01/11/2021 Zoom 10:30am Shu Three-dimensional trapping of individual Rydberg atoms in ponderomotive bottle beam traps

Group Talk & Discussion Turns:

Geyue (Frank) Cai                 LiCs

Cheng Chin               Cs/undergrad project

Shu Nagata               Cs

Krutik Patel                LiCs

Jonathan Trisnadi      QMS

Lauren Weiss             SPDC

Kai-Xuan (Kevin) Yao                  Cs

Mingjiamei Zhang      QMS

Zhendong Zhang       Cs