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Our paper, "Efficient continuous-duty Bitter-type electromagnets for cold atom experiments" is published in Review of Scientific Instruments!

Our lithium-cesium Fermi-Bose mixture has an interspecies Feshbach resonance near 900 Gauss (although at the time of this work, nobody knew exactly where the resonance would be!). In order to achieve such a high field for tens of seconds at a time without starting a fire or melting our vacuum chamber, we designed a new type of electromagnetic coil with internal water cooling. This coil is designed to generate over 1000 Gauss while running 400 Amps. With the driver circuits later designed for the Efimov physics experiments, these coils also achieve part-per-million field stability. This coil design is still in use in the lithium-cesium experiment, and has been adopted by the QMS experiment and by experiments in the DeMille lab at UChicago and others.


This work was performed by Dylan O. Sabulsky, Colin V. Parker, and Nathan D. Gemelke in the Chin Lab at the University of Chicago. It was published in Rev. Sci. Inst. in 2013.