Recent news

05/19/2022   At the Physics Department Student Award Ceremony, we had many winners! Huiting received the John Haeseler Lewis prize, Jon the Winstein Prize in Instrumentation, and Krutik the Yodh Prize! Congratulations to all!


05/16/2022   Jiamei and Frank received the DAMOP Travel awards. Congrats!


05/13/2022   Graduation dinner party for Zhendong, Huiting, Aditi and Samir in Umai, downtown Chicago. They are in lab coats with our drawings and blessing.


05/13/2022   Joao received the Selove Prize Rummer Research Fellowship! Congratulations, Joao!


05/12/2022   Stella received the EFI summer research fellowship! Congratulations, Stella!


04/26/2022   Zhendong successfully defended his thesis! Congratulations, Dr. Zhang!


4/14/2022    Prof. Vladan Vuletic (MIT) visited us and gave a colloquium talk in the Physics Department.


4/7/2022    Ms. Tahereh Rezaei from the Kwiat group at UIUC visited our lab and had dinner with Lauren, Aditi and Cheng.


03/24/2022    Callum moved to Paris to study and work in J. Dalibard's group in College de France for 6 months.


03/21/2022: Prof. Loh Huanqian, Prof. David Weiss and Sarah McCusker visited our group, and we had dinner together.

03/16/2022: We attended APS March meeting 2022 in Chicago! Cheng, Jon, Krutik and Kevin gave talks, and Callum gave a poster which won the soft matter poster competition!

03/12/2022: Prof. Erich Mueller visited us and we went to the river on Saint Patrick's day!


02/24-02/25/2022: Cheng and Dr. David Mazziotti organized the JFI frontier workshop "Molecular Condensate in Physics and Chemistry". The videos of the tutorials and invited talks can be found here.


01/29/2022: We had a small celebration of the Chinese New Year of the Tiger with Lauren, Jonathan, Zhendong, Jiamei, Frank, Cheng and Annabelle. We had a potluck and made over 250 dumplings.

01/28/2022: Huiting received the Quad Research Scholarship with research stipend from the College Center for Research and Fellowships. Congratulations!

01/14/2022: Kevin gave a talk at Zwierlein Group Seminar at MIT on 'Domain-wall dynamics in Bose–Einstein condensates with synthetic gauge fields'.

01/07/2022: Cheng received the ’21–’22 Marian and Stuart Rice Research Award!