Recent news


08/5~08/9/2019: Invited by Prof. Ming-Juey Lin, Cheng attended the 22nd CS Wu Science Camp and gave a few invited talks to the high school students and teachers in Taiwan.


07/15/2019: Invited by Prof. Franco Dalfovo, Cheng gave an invited talk in the Workshop on Quantum Mixtures, Trento, Italy.


07/11~07/16/2019: We organized the SMART outreach program for high school students. See program here.


07/08/2019: Sean Graham (Simon Fraser University) visited our group and gave a seminar talk.


06/27-06/28/2019: Invited by Professor Tilman Esslinger, Cheng led a discussion on 6/27 and gave an invited talk on 6/28 in the workshop on Dynamical gauge fields and lattice gauge theories in quantum gases at ETH, Switzerland.


06/17/2019: The group had a farewell dinner for Lei, Brian, Conner and Daniela!

06/15/2019: Dr. Lei Feng was hooded today!

06/10-6/14/2019: Invited by Prof. Xiong-Jun Liu, Cheng chaired a session on 6/10 and gave an invited talk on 6/13 in the workshop on Emergent Phenomena in Ultracold Atoms: Merging Topology, Interaction, and Dynamics in Chinese Academic of Sciences, Beijing.

05/27-05/31/2019: We attended the DAMOP meeting and presented 3 talks and 3 posters on the Cs, LiCs and QMS experiments. Han Fu also presented a talk on the theory work.

05/06/2019: Cheng chaired a sesson and gave an invited talk in the IAS Workshop on Quantum Simulation of Novel Phenomena with Cold Atoms, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

04/26/2019: Cheng gave an invited talk in the Hydrodynamics across the scales, held at Kadanoff center.

04/26/2019: Carl Wieman (Nobel Laureate 2001) visited us and showed interest in our bose fireworks experiment.

04/21/2019: Cheng-Tsung Pan who visited us in 2012 won a PGA Tour title today! (Left to Right: CC, Prof. Tseng from National Taiwan University, and C.T. Pan)

04/20/2019: Dinner party in Cheng's home.Frank, Jiamei, Huiting, Krutik, Kevin and his mother, and Cheng had a fantastic meal prepared by our group chef, Zhendong. 

04/17/2019: Mickey released a new board game:Brave New Worlds - A Race for Discovery.

04/03/2019: Our paper on "Observation of fermion-mediated interactions between bosonic atoms" is published in Nature! Congratulations to Brian, Krutik and Frank!

04/02/2019: Prof. David Weiss from Penn State Univ. visited us and gave a colloquium talk (4/2) and and a seminar talk (4/3).

04/01/2019: Our paper on "Superresolution Micorsocpy of Cold Atoms in an Optical lattice" is published in Physical Review X! Congratulations to Mickey, Jonathan and Kevin!

03/20/2019: Peter Brown (Princeton) visited us.

03/19/2019: Dr. Steven Chu (Nobel Laureate, former Secretary of Energy) visited our lab! Left to right: Frank, Jonathan, Matthew Nicols (MIT), Zhendong, Brian, Mickey, Kevin, Steve, Connor, Michelle, Joey, Cheng and Daniela.

03/19/2019: Shao-wen Chang (National Taiwan University) visites us.

03/18/2019: Matthew Nicols (MIT) and Nagata Shu (Kyoto University) visited us.

03/12-03/14/2019: Cheng visited JILA NSF PFC.

03/03-03/06/2019: Cheng attended APS March meeting and visited Vladan Vuletic's group at MIT.

02/21-02/25/2019: Cheng visited the France-Chicago Center and College de France in Paris and, invited by Dr. Christopher Salomon, gave a seminar talk in ENS.

02/01/2019: Our paper on "Correlations in high-harmonic generation of matter-wave jets revealed by pattern recognition" is published in Science! Congratulations to Lei, Jiazhong and Logan.

01/30-01/31/2019: Cheng attended the DOE kickoff meeting.