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Oh take me out to the ball game...


White sox win and now we have matching (free) jackets. Mohit also snuck along. It was cold in the shade and Evan regretted wearing shorts.


Climbing trip


We did a group trip to climb at First Ascent Block 37! Jay and Evan briefly became spin down instead of spin up.


Yunpeng Ji visits


Yunpeng Ji, former Chin lab undergrad and current Yale graduate student in the Navon group, visited us and gave a talk in our Friday group meeting, before we had a grilled fish group dinner!


Prof. Kenji Ohmori visits


Prof. Kenji Ohmori visited us from Japan and gave a talk on his work with ultrafast control of cold atoms!


Dr. Peter Jeglic visits


Dr. Peter Jeglic from Ljubljana, Slovenia and his graduate student Tadej Mežnaršič visited our group and gave a talk on their recent work with quasi-1D BEC's! Dr. Jeglic gave an excellent talk and an excellent tourism pitch for Slovenia.