2014 News

12/23/2014: Invited by Dr. Ming-shien Chang, Cheng gave a seminar talk at the IAMS, Academic Sinica, Taiwan.


12/22/2014: Invited by Prof. Din Ping Tsai, Cheng gave a seminar talk at the Research Center for Applied Sciences, Academic Sinica, Taiwan.


12/19/2014: Cheng won the Distinguished Alumni Award from the Physics Department of the National Taiwan University.


12/18/2014: Invited by Prof. Daw-Wei Wang, Cheng gave an invited talk in the NCTS Program on Topological Aspects of Quantum Matters, National Tsinghua University, Taiwan.


12/16/2014: Invited by Prof. Jiunn-Wei Chen, Cheng gave a colloquium talk in the Physice Department of the National Taiwan University.


12/9/2014: Our paper on "Geometric scaling of Efimov states in a 6Li-133Cs mixture" is published in Physical Review Letters 113 240402 (2014).


11/24/2014: Invited by Prof. Waseen Bakr, Cheng gave a condensed matter seminar at the Princeton University.


11/22/2014: Cheng is now an American Physical Society Fellow.


11/14/2014: Our whole group went to Argonne National Laboratory for the Midwestern Cold Atom Workshop. Harry gave an invited talk on his recent work. Cheng chaired a session.


11/12/2014: Invited by Prof. Eckhard Krotscheck, Cheng gave an invited talk in the Physics at the Falls workshop on Phase transitions in Low Dimensions in Buffalo.


11/7/2014: Cheng Chin and Jon Simon gave a Friday lecture to first year graduate students.


11/4/2014: Invited by Prof. Charles Su, Cheng Chin gave a colloquium talk at the Illinoise State University in Normal IL.


9/29/2014: Invited by Prof. Florian Schreck, Cheng Chin gave a seminar talk at the University of Amsterdam.


9/28/2014: Invited by Prof. Florian Schreck and Prof. Anton Zeilinger, Cheng attended the 2014 Orden Pour le Merite fur Wissenschaften und Kunste.


9/26/2014: Invited by Prof. Michael Koel, Cheng Chin gave a seminar talk at Bonn University.


9/12/2014: Invited by Immanuel Bloch, Cheng gave a seminar talk at the Max Planck institute of Quantum Optics in Garching, Germany.


8/29/2014: Invited by Jing Zhang, Cheng gave a colloquium talk at the Shanxi University in China.


8/28/2014: Invited by Dr. Hui Zhai, Cheng gave an invited talk in the Quantum Gases 2014: Synthetic Gauge and Large Spin System in Beijing, China,


8/20/2014: Invited by the Wu Ta-You Foundation, Cheng gave an invited talk in the summer school on Extreme Sciences: Explore the Unknown Environments.


8/5/2014: Cheng gave an invited talk at International Conference on Atomic Physics in Washington DC.


8/01~10/31/2014: Invited by Prof. Immanuel Bloch, Cheng visited Munich Univeristy and MPQ in Garching as a guest scientist and visiting professor.


7/24/2014: Farewell party for Dylan. Dylan, Cheng, Lei, Paloma, Bernard... attended the party    

7/10~7/15/2014: We organized the 2014 S.M.A.R.T.+ outreach program.


6/24/2014: Cheng gave a plenary talk in the OCPA8 International Conference on Physics Education and Frontier Physics.


6/14/2014: We had a farewell party for Dylan, Karina, Eric and Shih-Kuang. Wish you guys continue having a great success in your next stop. Farewell!


6/02/2014: Our former PhD student, Chen-Lung Hung has accepted the offer to be an assistant professor at the physics department of Purdue University. Congratulations!


5/30/2014: Harry receives the Grainger Graduate Fellows from the department for the outstanding performance in experimental physics. Gus receives the Gregor Wentzel Teaching Prize for his outstanding performance as a first year Teaching Assistant. Congratulations!


5/22/2014: Invited by Prof. Christopher Salomon, Cheng gave a seminar talk at Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris.


5/21/2014: Our undergraduate research assistants Nicholas Kowalski received the JFI fellowship; Paloma Ocola got the MRSEC REU fellowship. Congratulations young fellows! 


5/12/2014: Cheng gave a seminar talk at ETH, Zurich, Switzerland.


5/17/2014 Cheng attended the SOLA Stafette in Zurich as the last runner in the ETH QuantumOptics team (photo).


5/7/2014: Congratulations to Shih-Kuang! A new baby member in Tung's family just arrived.


4/23/2014: Our undergraduate research assistant Dylan Sabulsky accepted the admission offer from the Imperial College London. He is going to continue working on cold atom research in the Centre for Cold Matter. Congratuations Dylan!


4/10/2014: Invited by Profs. Seilm Jochim and Matthias Weiderbueller, Cheng gave a CQD Special Colloquium at the Heiderberg University.


4/7/2014: Invited by Prof. Rudolf Grimm, Cheng gave a seminar talk at Innsbruck University


4/3/2014: Eric has officially accepted a position as Assistant Professor at Carleton College, a private liberal arts college ranked among the nation's best! As a postdoc, Eric worked in the Cs lab studying arbitrary optical potentials and thermoelectric transport properties of 2D bosonic systems. Congratulations, Eric! and good luck!


3/19/2014: Cheng gave a Zurich Physics colloquium talk at ETH.


3/14/2014: Cheng is recognized as a highly cited researcher by Thomson Reuters.


3/6~5/31/2014: Cheng visited Tilman Esslinger's group at ETH as a visiting professor.


3/6/2014: Colin gave a talk on Imaging and manipulating effective ferromagnetism in a shaken optical lattice.


3/5/2014: Cheng gave an invited talk in the APS March meeting. 


2/25/2014: Invited by Hanns Christoph Nagerl, Cheng gave an invited talk in the International Conference on Quantum Optics in Obergurgl.


2/24/2014: Shih-Kuang gave an invited QI/AMO seminar at UIUC titled "Evidence of Discrete Scaling Symmetry in Three-Body Collisions".


2/13/2014: Dr. Steven Chu, former Secretary of Energy, visited us and gave a physics colloquium talk on physics, biology and energy issues.


2/20/2014: Invited by Joseph Thywissen, Cheng gave an invited talk in the CIFAR Cold Atoms meeting in Banff. 


2/12/2014: Cheng reported our research progress in the DARPA OLE review meeting.


1/29/2013: Invited by Henning Moritz, Cheng gave a colloquium talk at the Hamburg University.


1/1~2/28/2013: Invited by Johannes Hecker Danschlag, Cheng visited Ulm University as a Humboldt Research Fellow for 2 months. He gave a SFB colloquium on 1/10 and a series of 3 lectures.