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12/29/2016: Our paper on "Exotic domain walls in Bose-Einstein condensates with double-well dispersion" is published in Physical Review A just 2 months after submission! This paper disclosed fascinating and novel domain structures in our system that Tongtong found from numerical calculations.


12/22/2016: Anita received the MRSEC Kadanoff-Rice postdoctoral fellowship. Congratulations!


12/22/2016: Invited by Ming-Shien Chang, Cheng gave a seminar talk in IAMS, Academic Sinica.


12/20/2016: A new paper "Floquet-Band Engineering of Shaken Bosonic Condensates" from our collaboration with Kathryn Levin's group to model the quantum critical dynamics across a quantum phase transition.


12/15/2016: Invited by Prof. Chien-Te Wu, Cheng gave a colloquium talk in the Electrophysics Department of the National Chiao Tung University.


12/15/2016: We completed a new study: "Testing universality of Efimov physics across broad and narrow Feshbach resonances". Here we showed clear evidence of deviation of narrow Efimov resonance from universal prediction.


12/10/2016: Invited by Daw-Wei Wang, Cheng gave an invited talk at the NCTS Annual Meeting 2016: Quantum Simulation and Numerical Studies in Many-Body Systems at National Tsinghua University in Taiwan.


11/28/2016: Our Science paper is featured on the Physics Bimonthly in Taiwan, see here.


11/18/2016: We had a party in Cheng's new home. The party is attended by Mickey, Anita, Logan, Lei, Marrisa, her friend, Maria, her daughter, Jonathan, Frankie, Misha, Yungpeng.


11/4/2016: Our paper on the "Universal space-time scaling symmetry in the dynamics of bosons across a quantum phase transition" is published in Science. A news coverage offered by the University of Chicago is here.


10/28~10/29/2016: We organized the Midwest Cold Atom Workshop, which includes 4 tutorial lectures on Friday (10/28) and a whole day invited session. Jacob gave a talk on the universality of Efimov physics in LiCs mixtures.


10/27/2016: We submitted the paper on "Exotic domain walls in Bose-Einstein condensates with double-well dispersion" prepared by Tongtong, Logan and Cheng. This paper report our theoretical and numerical investigation of exotic structure of domain walls in a shaking lattices. The domain walls are not like anything we have seen before and can potentially be observed experimentally.


10/24/2016: We submitted the paper on "Stable thermophoretic trapping of generic particles at low pressures" prepared by Frankie, Misha, Brian and Cheng. This paper reports our levitation experiments on various particles as well as a quantitative comparison with theoretical models.


10/21/2016: Invited by Prof. Tom Witten, Cheng gave a Friday lunchbag talk about the recent progress of the thermophoretic levitation experiment.


10/21/2016: Dr. Anita Gaj joined our group as a postdoctoral fellow. Dr. Gaj obtained her Ph.D. from Prof. Pfau's group at the Univ. of Stuttgart in Germany.


10/14/2016: Mickey has a housewarming party. Logan, Marianne, Lei, Jonathan, Krutik, Brian and Cheng joined the party. We are glad that he found a great place and enjoyed Chicago downtown very much.


10/6/2016: Group dinner to celebrate our paper, Mickey's arrivel as well as visitor from MIT. Dinner attended by Misha, Frankie, Cheng, Qiyu Liang, Lei, Logan, Marianne, Krutik, Jonathan, Jacob, Mickey.


9/20/2016: Farewell party for Tongtong, attended by her, Mickey, Brian and Cheng.


9/26~9/28/2016: We organized the 2016 ARO/AFOSR review meeting. There were about 100 attendants from both ARO and AFOSR MURI teams. Cheng presented our recent results supported by ARO.


9/28/2016: Professor Tilman Esslinger visited as the 2016 Ugo Fano fellowship speaker. He gave a colloquium talk at JFI.


9/17/2016: Group field trip to Indiana sand dune attended by Logan, Lei, Marianne, Krutik, Tongtong, Kevin and Cheng.


8/22~8/24/2016: Invited by Hui Zhai, Cheng gave an invited talk in the Quantum Gases 2016: Non-equilibrium dynamics in Beijing, China.


8/6~8/7/2016: Invited by Vincent Liu, Cheng gave an invited talk in the Qin-Huang-Dao Summer Workshop: Beyond Standard Quantum Gases 2016.


7/31~8/5/2016: Invited by Gediminas Juzeliunas, Cheng gave an invited talk in the KITPC-PKU conference in Synthetic Topological Quantum Matter.


7/11~7/16/2016: Dr. Yuju Lin from IAMS, Academic Sinica in Taiwan visited us.


7/7~7/12/2016: We organized the SMART+2016 program.


7/5/2016: Invited by Klaus Hueck, Logan gave a seminar talk at the University of Hamburg in Germany.


6/27~6/28/201616: Dr. Pei-ling Luo from the Max-Planck institute in Garching visited us and gave a special seminar talk.


6/26~7/1/2017: Logan attended the Lindau conference and gave a talk.


6/19~9/16/2016: Tongtong Liu from Peking University joined out group for a 3-month summer research.


06/17/2016: Celebration for the graduation of Harry, Nick and Poloma. Dr Ha will move on to be a postdoctoral research at the University of Texas at Austin. Nick and Poloma will begin their graduate students life in Yale and Harvard.

coming soon...


6/12~9/9/2016: Kuan-wen Chen from National Taiwan University joined our group for a 3-month summer research.


6/6/2016: Invited by Prof. Monika Schleier-Smith, Cheng gave an AMO seminar talk at Stanford University.


5/23~5/27/2016: Logan gave a talk. Lei, Joanthan, Jacob presented posters in APS DAMOP meeting.


05/20/2016: Our paper "Universal Loss Dynamics in a Unitary Bose Gas" is published on PRX. This work was initiated by Ulrich Eismann in 2012 and 2013, and is a result of multi-year collaboration of experimentalists from ENS in France, Bar-Ilan Univ in Isarel and UChicago.


05/16~05/17/2016: Invited by Prof. Yuen-Hui Chang, Cheng attended the review meeting of the Department of Physics, Graduate Institute of Astrophysics and Graduate Institute of Applied Physics.


05/13/2016: Tyler got the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship. Congratulations!


05/11/2016: Misha got the Selove Prize. Congratulations!


05/06/2016: Frankie got the EFI Undergraduate Research Stipend for the summer of 2016. Congratulations!


05/06/2016: Misha got the JFI undergraudate summer research fellowship. Congratulations!


05/06/2016: Invited by Professor Tom Witten, Frankie gave a talk at the James Franck Institute MRSEC Bag Lunch on the thermophoretic levitation of neutral particles at low pressures.


05/04/2016: Harry successfully defended his thesis "BOSE-EINSTEIN CONDENSATES IN A SHAKEN OPTICAL LATTICE". Congratulations!! Harry will move on to be a postdoctoral research at the University of Texas at Austin.


05/03/2016: Logan got the Grainger Graduate Fellowship. Congratulations.


05/03/2016: We submitted the paper entitled "Universal Space-Time Symmetry in the dynamics of bosonis across a quantum phase transition" to arXive.  This work reveals a universal description of many-body dynamics near a quantum phase transition when the system is driven far from equilibrium.


04/22/2016: Miss Anita Gaj gave a web-based seminar talk on her work "Investigation of ultralong range Rydberg molecules".


04/20/2016: Our lab passed the lab safety inspection with flying colors. Thank Logan, Krutik and the all other group members for making our workspace safe and pleasant.


04/18/2016: Invited by Dr. Maxim Efremov and Prof. Christian Forssén, Cheng gave an invited talk at the 614. We-Heraeus-Seminar, “Few-body physics: Advances and prospects in Theory and Experiment” , Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, Germany


04/15/2016: Dr. Tim Langen gave a JFI seminar talk on the prethermalization of 1D Bose gas and cooling and trapping of YO molecules.


04/12/2016: Prof. Anatoli Polkovnikov visited us and gave a JFI seminar talk. He shared with us many exciting ideas on quantum many-body dynamics.


04/8/2016: Dr. Xinyu Luo gave a web-based seminar talk on "Twin Fock states in Bose-Einstein condensates".


03/18/2016: Mr. Lawrence Cheuk visited as a gave a seminar talk on the in situ imaging of 2D Fermi gas.


03/16/2016: Cheng chaired the session on 2D quantum gas in APS March meeting.


03/09~03/11/2016: Prof. Qi Zhou from the Chinese University of Hong Kong visited us and gave a JFI special seminar talk.


03/04/2016: Invited by Dr. Ching-tzu Chen, Cheng gave a talk at the Physical Sciences Seminar at the IBM Thomas J Watson Research Center, Yorktown Height, New York.


03/01/2016: Logan is awarded the attendence of the 66th Lindau Novel Laureate Meeting by National Science Foundation. Congratulations.


03/01/2016: Dr. Eite Tiesinga visited as and gave a JFI colloquium talk.


02/18/2016: Prof. Subir Sachdev visited us and gave a Physics colloquium talk.


02/04/2016: Prof. Christopher Monroe visited us and gave a Physics Colloquium talk.


02/1/2016: Invited by Prof. Tanya Zelenvinsky, Cheng gave a colloquium talk in the Physics Department of Columbia University.


01/22/2016: Mr. Michael McDonald visited us and gave a talk on the visualization of ultracold Sr2 molecules.


01/22/16: Invited by Professor Tom Witten, Logan gave a talk at the James Franck Institute MRSEC Bag Lunch titled "Unexpected dynamics of ultracold atoms with interactions controlled by a laser."


01/14~01/16/2016: Prof. Tin-Lun Jason Ho visited us and gave a Physics colloquium talk.


01/12/16: Cheng, Brian, Logan and Lei attended the MURI review meeting at UC Berkeley. Logan gave a talk titled "Quantum Critical Dynamics of Bosons in a Shaken Optical Lattice."