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11/16/2017: Invited by Dr. Andrea Trombettoni, Cheng gave an invited talk in the International Centre for Theoretical Physics Conference on "Frontiers in Two-Dimensional Quantum Systems (smr 3167)" in Trieste, Italy

11/6/2017: Our fireworks paper "Collective emission of matter-wave jets from driven Bose–Einstein condensates" is published on Nature. See here.

10/18/2017: Invited by Dr. Aksel Jensen, Cheng gave an invited talk at International School & Workshop on "Critical Stability of Quantum Few-Body Systems" in Desden, Germany

10/6/2017: Logan successfully defended his thesis! Congratulations, Dr. Clark. Logan will soon join Jon Simon's group as a postdoc fellow. We had a big farewell party for him in Pizza Capri attended by Logan, Marianne, their parents, Lei, Zhendong, Jiazhong, Brian, Krutik, Mickey, Cheng, Kevin, Jonthan, Jiazhong, Frank, Misha, Frankie, Ben, essentially the entire group. The biggest group party ever!

404, You shall not see this...

404, You shall not see this...

9/10/2017: Group BBQ party for Logan, Jiamei and Allen at the Promontory Point! The party was attended by Logan, Marianne, Lei, Krutik, Jonathan, Kevin, Jiamei, Allen, Frankie, Connor and Cheng.

404, You shall not see this...

9/4/2017: Cheng won the 2017 BEC award and delivered an invited prize talk in the Bose-Einstein condensation 2017: Frontiers in Quantum Gases in Sant Feliu, Spain.

8/21/2017: Joined by Prof. Joerg Schmiedmayer, we went to St. Louis to see the solar eclipse. Prof. Schmiedmayer, Cheng and Joey went to St. Genevieve, Anita, Ben, Jiamei, Jonathan and Allen went to Carondelet, Mickey went to St. Clair. We took some very impressive photos and conducted a measurement to test the NASA prediction on the precise time of the eclipse. The photo on the left was taken by Prof. Schmiedmayer, the the measurement on the right was taken by Jiamei and Ben.

8/17~8/18/2017: Prof. Wenho Jhe visited us and talked about his work on dynamics instability of driven cold atoms.


8/10/2017: Invited by Prof. Julio Barreiro, Cheng gave a CM/AMO seminar talk in the Physics Department of UC San Diego on our recent research.


8/9/2017: Invited by Profs. Gabe Spalding and Kishan Dholakia, Cheng gave a talk in the 2017 SPIE Nanoscience + Engineering conference in San Diego on thermophoretic levitation of generic particles.


7/28/2017: Invited by Prof. Vladan Vuletic, Cheng gave a special seminar talk in the Physics Department of MIT.


7/27~8/1/2017: We organized the 2017 SMART program for 12 high school students from the public high schools in the Chicago area. The details of the event can be found here and here are the photos.


7/17~7/20/2017: Cheng co-organized the AMO program of the OCPA 9 meeting in Tsinghua University in China.


7/2~7/7/2017: Logan joined the Aspen workshop on "Correlations and Entanglement in and out of Equilibrium: from Cold Atoms to Electrons".


6/25~6/30/2017: Invited by Prof. Randall Hulet, Cheng joined the Aspen workshop on "Correlations and Entanglement in and out of Equilibrium: from Cold Atoms to Electrons" and talked about our recent research. 

6/14~6/15/2017: Mickey and Cheng attended the ARO review meeting in Cocoa Beach. Cheng reported our recent research supported by ARO.

6/08/2017: Mickey won the 2017 APS DAMOP (American Physical Society Divistion of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics) thesis prize! This is the highest honor for students in the US workin on atomic physics! Congratulations, Mickey! We are very proud of you.

6/08/2017: We presented 4 talks by Brian, Cheng, Lei and Logan in DAMOP and 3 posters by Anita, Krutik and Jonathan. A very busy day for us. We joined Jon's group memebers for a party in Dive Bar in Sacramento!


6/06/2017: Anita, Logan, Lei, Krutik, Jonathan, Brian, Mickey and Cheng attended DAMOP. Mickey gave the thesis prize talk and we also presented a poster on thermophretic levitation.


6/05/2017: We submitted two papers on arXive. One from the LiCs experiment on "Observation of a Degenerate Fermi Gas Trapped by a Bose-Einstein Condensate" and one from the Cs experiment on "Coherent inflationary dynamics for Bose-Einstein condensates crossing a quantum critical point".


6/01/2017: Logan Clark received the Harper Fellowship. This is the highest honor for graduate students in all disciplines at the University of Chicago. Congratulations!


5/31/2017: Our collabaration paper with Prof. Kathy Levin's group "Direct Lattice Shaking of Bose Condensates: Finite Momentum Superfluids" is published on Physical Review Letters.


5/30/2017: Invited by Prof. Victor Galitski, Cheng gave an invited talk in the SPICE workshop on Non-equilibrium Quantum Matter workshop in Schloss Waldthausen, Mainz, Germany.


5/15/2017: Our paper on "Testing universality of Efimov physics across broad and narrow Feshbach resonances" is published in Nature Physics!


5/12/2017: We presented two posters in the MRSEC symposium on the Cs and levitation experiments.


5/12/2017: Ben Foster received the JFI summer undergraduate research fellowship, Connor Fieweger received the EFI summer undergraduate fellowship! Congratulations!


5/08/2017: Jiazhong Hu from MIT visited us and gave a talk in our group meeting.


4/20/2017: Invited by Cheng, Prof. Zoran Hadzibabic from University of Cambridge visited us and gave a Physics colloquium talk.


4/14/2017: Jacob successfully defended his thesis "Feshbach and Efimov Resonances in a Li6-Cs133 Atomic Mixture". Congratulations Dr. Jacob Johansen! Jacos will be a postdoc research fellow at the Northwestern University in Prof. Brian Odom's group. We had a dinner party for Jacob in the evening!


4/8~4/11/2017: Tongtong visited us during her trip to several open houses. She will join Harvard University as a Ph.D. student in Physics.


4/04/2017: Prof. Mark Raizen from the University of Taxes at Austin visited us and gave a JFI colloquium talk on Maxwell's demon and Einstein's speed demon.


3/30/2017: Prof. Wolfgang Ketterle from MIT visited us and gave a physics colloquium talk on quantum simulation using ultracold atoms.



3/20~3/24/2017: Invited by Prof. Zheng-Tian Lu, see here, and Prof. Hui Zhai, Cheng visited USTC and Tsinghua University and gave two talks

3/14~3/16/2017: Invited by Cheng, Prof. Hui Zhai from Tsinghua University visited us and gave a JFI colloquium talk.

3/14/2017: Prof Hui Zhai visited our group and gave a JFI colloquium talk.

3/7/2017: The Chicago Maroon reported on our levitation project: Physics Undergraduates Help Discover New Levitation Method.

1/27/2017: Chinese New Year Party! Jacob, Logan, Marianne, Lei, Jonathan, Brian, Misha, Prof. Wu (from Kathy's group), his wife, Jacob Pierce, his girlfriend, and Cheng had a new year's eve dinner in Chinatown (Lao Szu Chuan).

1/20/2017: Our paper on Stable thermophoretic trapping of generic particles at low pressures is published in Applied Physics Letters!

1/19/2017: Invited by Prof. Chen-Lung Hung, Cheng gave a colloquium talk at Purdue University.