2021 News

12/26/2021: Zhendong gave a talk at East Lake Forum organized by Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

12/10/2021: Zhendong gave a talk at Harvard Quantum Initiative Postdoctoral Fellowship interview meeting, about “Coherent dynamics in a driven Bose-Einstein Condensate and Transition from an atomic to a molecular BEC”.

12/09/2021: Zhendong gave a seminar talk to Prof. Kang-Kuen Ni’s group at Harvard University

12/08/2021: Zhendong received the Bloch Fellowship in Quantum Science and Engineering at Stanford University.

11/25/2021: Cheng and Annabelle hosted us for Thanksgiving dinner! Thank Zhendong for the awesome turkey!

11/13/2021: We attended the Midwest Cold Atom Workshop at Purdue. Krutik gave a talk on sound speed in Bose-Fermi mixtures.

10/27/2021: Zhendong gave a seminar talk to Prof. Benjamin Lev’s group at Stanford University

10/18/2021: Zhendong gave a seminar talk at Quantum Information Science and Engineering Seminar organized by UChicago.

09/30/2021: Zhendong gave a talk at Quantum Creators Prize Symposium organized by UChicago, about “Transition from an atomic to a molecular Bose-Einstein condensate and ultracold chemistry”.

09/20/2021: Our works are featured in the National Science Foundation Multimedia Gallery: Bose fireworks and Shooting quantum particles resembles pattern like a turtle.

09/18/2021: We went kayaking on Chicago river in downtown. The trip was attended by Shu, Krutik, Kelsey, Jiamei, Zhendong, Kevin, Callum, Kelsey, Cheng and Annabelle.

09/16/2021: Invited by Paivi Torma (Aalto University, Finland), Cheng gave an invited talk in the Bose-Einstein condensation meeting in Sant Feliu in Spain.

09/13/2021: Dr. Chen-Lung Hung visited us and gave a talk about his research on cesium BEC. He was the first graduate student from our group and is now a tenured professor in Purdue!! We went for a dinner in Medici.

09/11/2021: Another casual meeting at the promontory point where we shared food. The lunch was attended by Jiamei, Jonathan, Lauren, Cheng and Annabelle.

08/11/2021: We held a farewell party for Conner!!

08/07/2021: Group hiking at Starved Rock Ptate Park!

07/18/2021: We and Tian lab held a BBQ party together at the Promontory Point!

06/14/2021: Lauren presented a poster in the HQAN meeting!

06/01/2021: Our groups gave oral presentations and posters at DAMOP 2021!

05/28/2021: Zhendong was awarded the Grainger Graduate Fellowship and Huiting was awarded the Grainger Senior Scholarship. Congratulations!

05/28/2021: Kevin, Krutik and Zhendong were awarded the DAMOP 2021 participation grant. Congratulations!

05/21/2021: Kelsey and Huiting presented a poster “Optical Control of Levitated Particles in a Thermophoretic Trap” at the 2021 University of Chicago Undergraduate Research Symposium!

05/17/2021: Huiting received the FJI Undergraduate Research Award. Congratulations!

05/16/2021: We had our group BBQ together at the Promontory Point!

05/06/2021: Zhendong gave a seminar talk to Prof. Francesca Ferlaino's group at University of Innsbruck on "Transition from an atomic to a molecular Bose-Einstein condensate".

04/28/2021: Our recent paper "Transition from an atomic to a molecular Bose–Einstein condensate" was featured on UChicago News and The Academic Times!

04/02/2021: Lauren was awarded the 2021 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!

03/08/2021: Cheng gave a CMT Seminar at the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics in Garching, Germany on "Mediated interactions of bosons mebedded in a Fermi gas"

02/15/2021: Cheng gave a Kadanoff Seminar at UChicago

02/08/2021: Jon gave a talk at the Quantum Information Science and Engineering Seminar, titled 'Experiments on a Quantum Matter Synthesizer'!

01/25/2021: Invited by Huiting Liu, Cheng gave a talk on our research to the Society of Physics Students at UChicago

01/24/2021: Huiting and Kelsey presented our Levitation poster at HCURA's National Collegiate Research Conference!

05/28/2021: Kevin, Krutik and Zhendong were awarded the DAMOP 2021 participation grant. Congratulations!